They stared back at him with an expression of vicious, acrid boredom that trembled on the edge of violence

Exposition personnelle de Luca Frei
Arts plastiques
Balice Hertling Paris 20
Luca’s Lieu-tenants* Hors-texte: (in place of a missing drawing) The situation as follows: Every collage is a flower. Every flower is (a temple of) the sun. i.e., (at the) year (Mountains) of (Madness) the grasshopper. Lygia Clark: “I became obsessed with the idea that my hands were not my own, that they belonged to the earth, and that the less they were mine, the more likely it was that we would be healed—” Wild cherries, cinnamon, vanilla, and sherry. Wintergreen, lavender, banana. Lollipop spirals, feathers, flowers, hair. Decade or season or forty years of the locust. Hours like days. Days like years. I want to remain changeless for you. “His work is a constant negation of impulses,” said a critic who has known him a long time. “Wouldn’t you say so, Jasper?” “No,” Johns said, and laughed. David Lewis *tenant lieu de / lieu-tenance

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Luca Frei


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