Centre national des arts plastiques Loans Committee

Functioning of the consultative committee for loans and deposits

Overhaul of the CNAP collections:

The CNAP is currently overhauling its collections, with a view to the institution’s relocation to Pantin in 2024.

While the collection’s dissemination will continue during this three-year reinventorying, the availability of works situated in our La Défense reserve collections will be necessarily impacted. Depending on the pieces’ scheduled processing, their availability may or may not be approved by the CNAP’s Loans and Consignments Committee.

All requests (loans and consignments) must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the start of the exhibition or the installation of a new consignment.

The new statutory decree of the Centre national des arts plastiques drawn up on 23 April 2015 specifies in its article 4 that in order to fulfil its objectives, the CNAP may “Loan and deposit objects and works of art recorded in the inventory of the National Contemporary Art Collection, under the conditions laid down in articles D. 113-1 and D. 113-10-1 of the Heritage Code”.

It also specifies that decisions concerning loans and deposits are taken in accordance with the general orientation of the institution, by the director of the institution, based upon advice from the CNAP's consultative committee for loans and deposits.

Requests are examined by the committee for loans and deposits of the Centre national des arts plastiques.

The committee is made up of those responsible for the collection of the Centre national des arts plastiques, the director of the collection department, the head of the registrar service, the head of the acquisitions and commissions service, a representative of the Museum Service of France and a representative of the Musée National d’Art Moderne.

The committee for loans and deposits examines the scientific and cultural project of the person making the request, the conditions of presentation and promotion of the works and the technical feasibility of the deposit (state of conservation of the work, duration of the request, etc.). The committee also evaluates the security and conservation guarantees of the location where the works will be presented, which feature in the “Facility Report” accompanying the request, and makes recommendations for the work's transport and packaging.

The consultative committee for loans and deposits meets every six weeks.

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