Laurent Fiévet, Dominique Dehais, Frédéric Coché, Soo-Kyoung Lee, Natasja van Kampen

Art Rotterdam 2019
Arts plastiques
Galerie La Ferronnerie Paris 11

Dominique Dehais, Slide n°1, 2015, laque sur aluminium, 92x130x3 cm, ©galerie la Ferronnerie

Galerie la Ferronnerie, as a tribute to the 20th birthday of Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands, would be delighted to present (not without a touch of humour) a specific Frédéric Coché’s painting Le radeau, a link between the iconic classical French painting - Géricault ‘s Le radeau de la Méduse- quoting at the background some famous Dutch marine paintings of the Golden age. (This painting was made for the show at the Glénat Foundation in Grenoble, “Tables and feast. Hospitality in Flemish and Dutch paintings in the XVIIth century.”) Besides, Galerie la Ferronnerie will present some videos by Laurent Fiévet, from the ungoing series ‘Whistle – New Whistle,’ playful series where a woman is absorbed in the contemplation of one or several birds in a cage, introducing as usal many other topics by the choice of some elements appearing in the background. Then, some new works by Dominique Dehais, important conceptual French artist (bought by Bernard Blistène for FNAC-National fund or contemporary art-) who chose abstract signaletic to compose his artworks : Today very shiny surfaces leading to Hétérotopie vision of space. Then some abstract works by Soo-Kyoung lee : sculpture-wall pieces, paintings in a formalist continuation. And to finish, some of the new works by Natasja van Kampen (Nl) delivering with delicate artworks some strong accurate viewpoint on the global political context.


Galerie La Ferronnerie 40 rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris 11 France

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