Graphisme en France Issue 21

Art Direction and the Press

Cover of "Graphisme en France" 2015

The twenty-first issue of the journal Graphisme en France has been released, published by the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), centred on the subject of Art Direction and the Press.
A collection of remarkable writings from subject matter experts is offered.

Véronique Vienne, art director and author, interviewed numerous art directors in France and abroad, deciphering their practices and presenting a panorama of their work.

Angelo Cirimele, director of the publication Magazine, takes a second look at the challenges and the development of digital in this realm.

Francesco Franchi, art director and author, presents how the art director’s work is organised in relation to editorial, in light of the changes brought about especially by digital tools.

Pierre Ponant, author and teacher, takes a second look at the history of two magazines which were founders in Art Direction (Vogue and Vu).

Faithful to the principle that each issue is designed by recently graduated graphic designers, this issue comes from Juliette Goiffon and Charles Beauté of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris and the Haute école des arts du Rhin. They co-founded the Ultragramme studio in September 2014. Their work alternates between commissioned work and art projects or installations questioning the status of the image and its representations. For this issue, they have used three typefaces (Trianon and Origin created by Production Type and Wigrum created by the Bureau des affaires typographiques); these three alternate throughout the articles, giving a certain rhythm to the contributions. Through their choices of papers, printing and layouts, they play on Art Direction codes to offer an intentionally versatile object.

The Centre national des arts plastiques maintains a continual presence beside graphic design's major players, to provide an ever-growing audience with information to better know these practices, to assume its place alongside authors, distributors and the institutions where graphic designers learn their craft.

Updated: October 7 2021