The CNAP has implemented a number of programmes to support artists, art theorists and critics, documentary photographers and restorers and conservators working in contemporary art, as well as private organisations including galleries, publishers and audiovisual production companies.

By partnering with these various stakeholders, the CNAP seeks to promote contemporary art and thereby contribute to the development and professionalization of the visual arts sector. While this support is primarily meant for creators and stakeholders active within the French art scene, the ‘Image/Movement’ and ‘Publishing’ grants are also made available to foreign producers and publishers.

Comprising contemporary art professionals and institutional members active within the arts domain, the CNAP’s committees cover all fields of artistic creation. They carefully examine and judge each request made for the following grants:

- Support for artistic projects, awarded to artists.

- Exceptional support for artists and artist-authors, awarded to artists, curators, art critics, theorists, etc. experiencing financial difficulties.

- Support for contemporary documentary photography, awarded to documentary photographers.

- Support for research in art theory and criticism, awarded to art writers, theorists and critics.

- Support for publishing: Assistance awarded publishers for printed or digital projects in contemporary art. The proposed publication can be bilingual, but must be at least in French.

- Support for participating in a book fair, awarded to French publishers for book fairs in France and abroad.

- Support for participating in an exhibition, awarded to contemporary art galleries.

- Support for publication, awarded to contemporary art galleries.
Repayable advances for the production of an original work, awarded to contemporary art galleries.

- Support for the international promotion of the French art scene, awarded to French contemporary art galleries, for the participation in a foreign fair or show, or for the implementation of a partnership with a foreign gallery, notably for an exhibition.

- Exceptional assistance via support targeting fixed costs, awarded to contemporary art galleries.

- ‘Image/Movement’ grant to support development and post-production, awarded to production companies. This grant is reserved for French-based productions: the artist must be of French nationality or a French resident, and/or the production house must be established in France.

Updated: October 14 2021