Teams and Board of Directors

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Mailing address and reception

Centre national des arts plastiques
Tour Atlantique
1 place de la Pyramide
92911 Paris-La Défense

Telephone (switchboard): +33(0)1 46 93 99 50
Fax: +33(0)1 46 93 99 79

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Centre national des arts plastiques
73 Esplanade Charles De Gaulle
92911 Paris La Défense

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Centre national des arts plastiques
70 voie des Sculpteurs
92800 Puteaux

Telephone (switchboard): +33(0)1 46 93 02 50
Fax: +33(0)1 46 93 02 60 

General Directorate

Béatrice Salmon

Assistant for coordination, partnerships policy and institutional development

Anne-Sophie de Bellegarde
General secretary

Josette Laval
Directorate assistant

Communications & Public Relations

Sandrine Vallée-Potelle
Section head

Anaïs Cazaban
Communications officer, in charge of editorial contents

Flora Janand
Internal and external communications officer

Silvana Reggiardo
Webmaster, in charge of the institutional website

Overall Administration

Abdelhakim Menia
Section head 

General resources

Christophe Pérignon
Assistant to the section head, director of operations and buildings

Administrative management

Djeni Traoré
Administrative manager

Amal Yaou
Administrative and budgetary manager 

Budgets and funding

Asmaa Chahbar
Officer for budgetary summaries and the CIBC 

Budgetary management officer

Aimée Séméga
Budgetary and funding manager

Human resources 

Benoît Joseph
Human resources manager

Elham Van Loo
Human resources manager 

Legal affairs

Emma Granier
Director of public procurement and legal advisor

Accouting Agency

Christophe Le Maux
Accounting officer

Marie-Pierre Poncet
Authorised representative, assistant to the accounting officer

Creation & Professional Information

Marc Vaudey
Section head

Professional information service

Antinéa Garnier
Mission head for professional information

Acquisitions service

Juliette Ballif
Service head

Rémy Louis
Officer for public commissions

Julie Mallo
Officer for acquisitions

Margaux Knight
Officer for monitoring acquisitions

Diane Vieille
Officer for monitoring acquisitions

Creation support service

Estelle Kesztenbaum
Service head

Laurence Dalivoust
Officer for monitoring support

Chloé Goual’ch
Officer for monitoring support

Marie Lanne-Chesnot
Officer for monitoring support

Estelle Moy
Officer for monitoring support


Aude Bodet-Semin
Section head

Collections conservation

Curator, assistant to the section head, in charge of the 1945–89 fine arts collections

Pascal Beausse
Curator, in charge of the photography collection

Pascale Cassagnau
Curator, in charge of the audiovisual, video and new media collection

Véronique Marrier
Curator, in charge of the graphic design collection

Sandra Cattini
Curator, in charge of the design and decorative arts collection

Xavier-Philippe Guiochon
Curator, in charge of the historic collection (1791–1914)

Juliette Pollet
Curator, in charge of the post-1990 fine arts collection

Isabelle Laurent
Officer for documentary studies for CNAP public commissions


Conservation and restoration service

Service head

Caroline Bauer
Officer for monitoring conservation and restoration

Coline Bidault
Officer for monitoring conservation and restoration

Maryline Debord
Officer for monitoring conservation and restoration


Inventorying service

Pauline Lucet
Service head – Curator, in charge of the 1915–44 fine arts collection

Cécile Escarbelt
Inventorying coordination officer

Patrice Guélin
Inventorying coordination officer

Delphine Ehrmann-Aupetit
Inventorying officer

Christophe Guérard
Inventorying officer

Agnès Larigaldie-Galvani
Inventorying officer

Fabienne Millerat
Inventorying officer

Anne Valleau
Inventorying officer

Artworks Supervision

Amélie Matray
Section head

Loans and consignments

Lucille Cottone
Officer for monitoring loans and consignments

Violaine Daniels
Officer for monitoring loans

Louise Denis
Officer for monitoring consignments

Officer for monitoring loans

Reserve collections

Luna Violante
Director of the reserve collections – General supervisor

La Défense site

Stephan Raffy
Transportation coordinator


Margaux Larnicol

Stéphane Queno

Eric Potel

Dylan Vignon

Framing studio

Albane Maisongrosse

Sylvain Levier

Saint-Ouen l’Aumône site

David Romagnan
Manager of the reserve collection

Alexis Flory

Documentation & Research

Stéphanie Fargier-Demergès
Section head

Gaëlle Guérin
Documentalist for multimedia and iconography

Juliette Lapize

Julia Pohrib
Administrator of the documentary information system

Christine Velut

Franck Vigneux
Visual documentation manager

Research programmes officer – Documentalist

Cultural Dissemination

Jérôme Recours
Section head

Nolwenn Duffour
Mediation projects officer

Director of mediations

Bénédicte Godin
Director of publications

Léa Genaud 
Officer for productions and partnerships

Board of Directors

The CNAP Board of Directors comprises both ex-officio members and figures chosen for their particular expertise (representatives of artistic professions and organizations), designated by order of the Minister of Culture for the 2022-25 period.

Decree no. 2015-463 of 23 April 2015 concerning the CNAP as a public institution establishes four ex-officio members. Anyone whose presence is deemed useful at the board meetings can also be invited by the President.

Ex-officio board members:
- The Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, or his/her representative.
- The Director General of Artistic Creation, or his/her representative.
- The Director General of Heritage, or his/her representative.
- The Director General of Cultural Media and Industries, or his/her representative.

Qualified figures designated as members due to their expertise within the arts domain:
- Fabrice Hyber, Artist and President of the Board of Directors.
- Camille Morineau, Director of AWARE.
- Laurent Jeanpierre, Professor at the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.
- Marc Chassaubéné, Director of Cité du design and vice-president of Saint-Etienne Metropole.

Members as representatives of artistic professions and contemporary art organizations: 
Laurence Maynier, Director of the Fondation des artistes.
- Hélène Guenin, Director of the Nice Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
- Keren Detton, Director of FRAC Grand Large Hauts-de-France.
- Jérôme Delormas, Director of the Institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse.
- Claire Le Restif, Director of the Centre of contemporary art of Ivry - Crédac.
- Michel Rein, Galerist, designated by the CPGA professional committee of art galleries.

Staff representatives:
- Sandra Cattini, permanent member, and Sarah Charbit, deputy member.
- Agnès Galvani, permanent member, and Silvana Reggiardo, deputy member.
- Bénédicte Godin, permanent member, and Laurence, deputy member.

Serving as advisors to the Board of Directors:
- The Director of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.
- The Accounting Officer for the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.
- The Budget Comptroller for the French Ministry of Culture.

Updated: November 16 2023