Exhibition and publication of the 15 new photographic talents revealed by Flux, une société en mouvement

Le Quadrilatère Beauvais
Aglaé Bory, Abdelrazik A. rue Maurice Genevoix, Le Havre, 2018

Projet Figures mobiles, Aglaé Bory, Abdelrazik A. rue Maurice Genevoix, Le Havre, 2018

Flux, une société en mouvement is a photographic commission that was initiated in 2018 by the Ministry of Culture and overseen by Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) in partnership with CRP/ Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France and Diaphane, Pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France, shown as part of the Photaumnales festival from 19 September 2020 to 3 January 2021 in Beauvais and Douchy-les-Mines.

The programme considers today’s world through the multiple movements that stream through our every day. Works by 15 photographers or artist duos were chosen. Each offers a unique insight into the multiple flows (flux) that run through daily life and the impact they have on the environment and society. Financial flows, logistic flows, flows of people, electricity, data or raw materials converge, sometimes in proportions that escape our control.

The selection illustrates the diversity and vitality of the French photographic scene with an emphasis on emerging talents. For many, the commission provides a first opportunity to enter a public collection.

The commissioned works by the 15 photographers are shown in autumn 2020 at exhibitions in Beauvais and in Douchy-les-Mines, both in the Hauts-de-France region, as part of the 17th Photaumnales festival.

The selected works also feature in a book, Flux, une société en mouvement, jointly published by Cnap and Editions Poursuite (Arles). Using these singular artistic and critical idioms, it presents a broad representation of contemporary French photography whose documenting of the world and society informs on all aspects of life, from the most visible to the imperceptible. The body of work also illustrates the important role commissions have played in contemporary photographic practice, including as a catalyst for key moments, in particular during periods of crisis.

Lionel Bayol-Thémines, Aglaé Bory, Bruno Boudjelal, Guillaume Chamahian & Julien Lombardi, Margaret Dearing, Nicolas Floc'h, Samuel Gratacap, Éric Guglielmi, Ilanit Illouz, Marine Lanier, Perrine Le Querrec & Mathieu Farcy, Florent Meng, Florence Paradeis, Sarah Ritter, Hortense Soichet.

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