The CNAP in 2022

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The CNAP in 2022

CNAP is a public body whose principal missions are to support and promote contemporary creation in all areas of the visual arts, and to manage, expand and show a national collection of more than 107,000 works.

An atypical institution working at grassroots level, CNAP plays an active role in maintaining a vibrant arts sector.

With close to 80 agents and a budget in the region of €19 million for 2022, action undertaken by CNAP is future-oriented and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to working with stakeholders in the cultural sector, making its knowledge and expertise available to them.

Supporting creation: the fundamental missions of CNAP

As part of CNAP’s mission to support artists and visual arts professionals, each year some 300 projects benefit from the 12 support mechanisms. 2021, like 2020, proved to be an uncommon year. That's why, theses three additional support mechanisms - the emergency income support scheme for artists, the fund for galleries’ overhead costs and an emergency fund - will be extended into 2022. As part of the national Recovery Plan, CNAP continues to adapt its support mechanisms to the real-life situation of artists.

A further means of supporting creation, public commissions are taking new and original forms, such as the commission for reactivatable works in public spaces, while diversified projects confirm CNAP’s determination to support practitioners across the full spectrum of visual arts.

Connecting the collection with audiences: a new dynamic

CNAP operates a policy to actively create opportunities for the public to experience this collection “without walls”. One of the high points of 2021 was the installation of Pascal Convert’s monumental work, Panoramique de la Falaise de Bâmiyân, Afghanistan, at Louvre-Lens, where it will remain through summer 2022. Another exceptional long-term loan, Le Transport des forces is on view at Musée national Fernand Léger in Biot until spring. Other significant loans taking place this year are that of over 150 works – including 127 Japanese graphic design posters – to Musée départemental des arts asiatiques in Nice along with some thirty figurative works by women artists to Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dole.

Three exhibitions in 2022 will also train the spotlight on the collection of photography : the exhibition “Regards du Grand Paris” at Les Magasins généraux, an exhibition at the 2022 Rencontres d’Arles and an exhibition of the “Image 3.0” commission, at Le Cellier in Reims, in partnership with Jeu de Paume.

Preparing for Pantin in 2024

A number of important events will be taking place over the course of the year: the reopening of Le Cyclop, after a year of restoration; the poursuit of the collection survey and the beginning of the work at the future site in Pantin. The board of directors as well as the acquisitions and commissions committee are being renewed, with new members appointed for a period of three years.

In addition, CNAP is developing initiatives at various scales and in different regions of France, to foster understanding and appreciation of art and culture. Examples include the Vision Vapeur participatory project, its partnership with Cité du Design, the 8th edition of Suite or the publication of a Guide to awards and grants for artists.

2022 will be an exceptional year, rich in events. Regardless of the health situation, teams will remain focused on confirming CNAP as a reference for its partners in the cultural sector and even more so for practitioners and stakeholders in the visual arts.

Updated: February 15 2022