Call for entries, Regards du Grand Paris national photography commission

Year 6 - On the scale of time
Photographie d'Alassan Diawara pour la 6e année des Regards du Grand Paris

From July 5 to September 15, 2021 entries are invited for the sixth year of the Regards du Grand Paris national photography commission. The theme this year is "On the scale of time". 

Each year, six photographers are selected to create a response to the Regards du Grand Paris national photography commission, which is supported by Ateliers Médicis and Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP). 

The purpose of the Regards du Grand Paris national photography commission is to encourage diverse, original and sensitively engaged perspectives on Greater Paris, an area undergoing vast transformations, and to invite artists to present their experiences and perceptions of these changes. 

The programme extends over ten years (2016-2026), with at least six commissioned photographers each year, and contributes to renewed representations of urban and social realities in the Greater Paris area.

The aim of the commission is to form a body of images and points of view on the evolutions taking place within Greater Paris, adding to it each year. The photographs go on public view at exhibitions or in publications, and are accessioned into the Fonds national d'art contemporain collection which is managed by CNAP.

Each July, entries are invited on a theme. The selected artists then have 10 months to produce their project, following which the works enter the Fonds national d'art contemporain.

Theme: On the scale of time

Each call for entries has a theme which "colours" the projects for that year. The theme for the sixth year is On the scale of time.

Time produces images in the same way it shapes landscapes and documents change. The scale of lived times, its erosion or acceleration, is a material for artists who alert us to bodies, languages, signs and places that are contemporary to them.


The commission is open to all artists. There are no conditions of age, nationality, training or qualifications. 

Candidates are invited to submit a proposal for a photographic project on the given theme. 

Projects are selected for the quality of the artist's practice to date, for the innovative nature of the proposal and its compatibility with the theme. Particular interest is given to emerging artists, i.e. artists for whom the commission represents a decisive stage in their practice.

How to apply

Candidates must send the completed online application form, available at the Ateliers Médicis website, no later than September 15 2021. 



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Updated: July 29 2021