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Lucio Capece

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Project #13- Elemental Pulse. Analog Electronics (Synthesizer, Filter, Sequencer, Ring Modulator, Equalizer in Feedback), Slide Saxophone, Recordings (Late night lake at Sokolowsko- Poland, Bass Clarinet), Sine waves. Ultra Violet lights, Three mini speakers suspended from Helium Balloons covered with Ultra violet Powder. As a development of the projects based in sharing Perception experiences that I have been working on since 2012, “Elemental Pulse” takes as a departure point the idea that in silence, and even more in silence in the context of “Nature”, we can consider what we hear as a drone. A drone that can be analysed in it´s Spectral components, obtaining frequencies that in certain close ranges can produce beatings, that combined can introduce us to the primal experience of pulse, and then to rhythm. Rhythm in this pieces never appears in an explicit way ( as a proper beat) but as a consequence of listening to silence, making “visible” it´s hidden frequencies and the consequent pulse that emerges through them. My approach to silence is not and has never been since the perspective of “Minimalism”, a established style, but as an intention to research in the beginning of phenomena as a way to perceive how we perceive, establishing in the center of our research, and joy, our perception capacities and collective experiences. “Elemental Pulse” is a piece that does not create monumental silent moments, we can even say that very rarely appear pure silences during the piece, but instead of that, is based in working materials in the borders of our aural capacities, where ear listening meets with body listening, and the ambiguity of undefined hearing produces in each of us, personal sound illusions and form ideas. In a section of the piece, ultra violet lights and suspended speakers move the attention from ear to eyes, and from the interpreter to the space, as a way to consider perception as a whole and to put the listening experience as a background itself, not in order to diminish it´s importance, or to make the concert more spectacular via multi media information, but as an invitation to realize, to make an awareness experience about how we hear, when what we hear is backed in the information provision. The visual aspect acts as a way to diminish information in order to magnify the space-audience presence. Piece premiered at Studio 8 in Berlin, on the 10th of September 2017. 50 minutes long. According to Space situations, the suspended speakers-balloons- Ultra Violet lights set up may be replaced by a set of speakers floating in transparent basins. These speakers have been used in the open air installation that gave origin at the piece, at the small lake in Sokolowsko, Poland.
Dernière mise à jour le 18 déc. 2017