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Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Applied Arts, Crafts and Industrial Design Commission 2013

For a budget of €122,000 the commission acquired 72 works in the decorative arts, master crafts and industrial creation, by a total of 34 designers or design groups.

Over 65% of the budget was attributed to new entrants to the field or to young designers. In so doing the commission confirms its commitment to the very latest in creative work, an interest also seen in its attention to fashions (fab labs, hackerspaces, collaborative practices), (virtual) spaces and alternative means for saving on production costs (crowd funding, DIY). This is the thinking behind the acquisition of Cesar Harada’s Protei 10.5 drone; the scientific and artistic game Noisy Jelly by Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard; several pieces of furniture to make oneself, by Enzo Mari at OpenDesk; and a Makerbot 3-D printer. In order to bear faithful witness to these historical and anthropological developments, the acquisition is often thought of as part of a set, where the final creation is associated with preparatory work, prototypes, tests, communication tools, digital traces or even protocols.

Several graphic design acquisitions have also recently consolidated the collection’s existing core, extending it to include work by less-established and foreign creators: the typographical characters by Malou Verlomme and Jean-Baptiste Levée; all of Fréderic Teschner’s works and posters; three graphic identities designed by the Experimental Jet Set trio.

Historically speaking, limited-edition furniture and the latest in the decorative arts have been a major orientation for the collection; this has been reaffirmed. The question of materiality, form and know-how is therefore at the heart of a certain number of acquisition decisions, as was the case with Jean-Baptiste Fastrez’s mirror, Elisa Strozyk’s Wooden Textiles and the collection of limited-edition chairs by the Italian company Mattiazzi.

Finally, there are certain noteworthy and thought-provoking pieces questioning the practice and role of design: Noam Toran’s MacGuffin Library or the video work Koolhaas Houselife, by Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine.

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