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Centre national des arts plastiques

Grant Programmes

Grant Programmes

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Overview of Cnap creation grants

The Cnap has implemented a number of programmes to support artists, art theorists and critics, documentary photographers and restorers and conservators working in contemporary art, as well as private organisations including galleries, publishers and audiovisual production companies.
By partnering up with these various stakeholders, the Cnap seeks to promote contemporary art and in doing so, contributes to the development and professionalisation of the visual arts sector.

Comprised of contemporary art professionals and institution members, the Commissions of the Cnap cover the various fields of artistic creation. Made up of active members from the institutions and professionals from the sector, the commissions of the Cnap give their opinion on each request made for the following grants:

- support for artistic research / production, awarded to artists;

- exceptional support for artists, awarded to artists experiencing financial difficulties;

- support for contemporary documentary photography, awarded to documentary photographers;

- support for print and digital publishing: grants to support the print publishing of monographic or anthological works on contemporary art, thematic and theoretical works, writings by living artists, books designed by artists, catalogues, contemporary art and art criticism journals for the first issue or a special issue, awarded to publishers; grant to support the digital publishing of DVDs, e-books, online projects and VOD, awarded to publishers;

- support for research in the restoration and conservation of contemporary works of art, awarded to art restorers;

- support for research in art theory and criticism, awarded to art writers, theorists or critics;

- support for contemporary art galleries / first exhibition-publication;

- support for contemporary art galleries to participate in a trade fair abroad;

- repayable advances for the production of an original work, awarded to contemporary art galleries;

- Image/mouvement, grant to support development and post-production, awarded to production companies.

The print and digital publishing grants, the artistic research grant, the Image/mouvement grants (development, production and post-production) are open to foreign publishers and production companies (subject to conditions).

Dernière mise à jour le 30 Jun 2016