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Centre national des arts plastiques

Patrons and partners

Becoming a partner

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Your commitment to Cnap events allows you to benefit from a dynamic communication plan through media partnerships, various promotional activities, targeted press relations…

When you support a Cnap exhibition or project, you will gain great visibility by branding all promotional materials (mention and/or logo):
- advertising displays and insertions, signs;
- invitation cards;
- catalogue and publications;
- press kit and releases;
- website.

You will have customized public relations with benefits, such as:
- Invitation cards for openings;
- Passes;
- Private tours of the exhibition;
- Private parties.

You affix the label of the supported event (mention and/or logo) on your documents:
- Press releases;
- Annual reports;
- Institutional communications;
- Miscellaneous materials.

Dernière mise à jour le 03 May 2016