Workshop Le paysage sous tension avec Todd Hido

Capturer les tensions inhérentes du corps humain et des paysages
Eyes in Progress Paris 20


Photographes professionnels, amateurs avertis, artistes.


«I will share the honest and intricate parts of my process of shooting and then the equally important other half of being a photographer: making choices about what images work the best and what sequence and context does for them. Where and how do you show your work? on a wall? a book? a tumblr? During the workshop I’ll break it down to the essential choices that need to be made and how one choice does not fit all. Often students end up seeing and discovering something that is easily attainable to them. I will review their work and give them feedback on current projects. As well, we will spend a few days working on shooting different genres of work; locations like my spaces, some night shots, and we’ll shoot some portraits as well.» Todd Hido

Tarifs :

950€ (financements possibles pour les auteurs)





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