Screening Series I: Early Winter

Film, vidéo
Campoli Presti Paris 03

Michael Snow
Snow, (de, à, pour) Thierry, 2007
Video, color
9 :40 min, silent
Edition 3 of 4

Screening Series I
Michael Snow / Tony Conrad / Alex Hubbard
Early Winter
23 January – 27 February 2016
Campoli Presti, Paris Campoli Presti is pleased to announce a series of seasonal screenings taking place at the gallery space in Paris. Each edition will feature the work of three artists and will be directed towards a particular question.
The first installment « Early Winter », will be dedicated to the work of Michael Snow, Tony Conrad and Alex Hubbard. This edition brings together artists that explore the space of tension that exists between film's material and formal elements and the supposed reality that is represented. By testing the conventions of the cinematic device, these artists experiment formally to explore ideas around stasis, the illusion of movement, and the metrics of montage.
Michael Snow's recurring cinematic strategies include either continual camera movement or total inaction. His films show a consistent concern with the properties of light and colour and the formal devices inherent in the medium of film.
Tony Conrad approaches film by considering the relationship between the subjective conditions of the flicker, and its relation to narrative. Conrad's concept comes from a continued attempt to push the framework of film, and from his interest in engaging the audience in long spaces of time.
Alex Hubbard records himself assembling, manipulating and destroying everyday objects, tightly framed and shot from above to form a painterly image. Gesture after gesture is captured by the camera, then meticulously pruned and arranged within editing software, resulting in a meditation on materiality and representation.


Campoli Presti 6 rue de Braque 75003 Paris 03 France

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