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Dream Drawings "There was a movie with Ann Magnuson and Gary Oldman working in a lab where he exposes everyone but her to a zombie virus and all hell breaks loose. Then in my neighborhood the military is telling everyone to take shots to immunise them from the virus and we are fearful of them and their shots as they roll thru with tanks. Kevin Costner (or I) lead kids away from them and thru white flowering trees and at the bottom of the hill trucks are distributing zombie virus to the army at the lab then Marnie and I are hanging out with her christian cousins in a hallway. We talk to actors, her mom's coming by bus and she says kissing is like sex and I try to touch her nipples. There are refrigerator doors tied together and scrim shawed then an article with Mike Kelley illustrations of groups of stuffed animals and lawn gnomes. Then it's a musical with Ann dancing and ends up as a paperback with all the pages being illustrations of Ann dancing, the colors were predominantly green and red." 1998
Arts plastiques Dessin
Exposition de 1937, vue de la Tour Eiffel 1937
Fonds historique Peinture
Bovary 1995 - 2000
Magdi SENADJI (Magdi SENHADJI, dit)
Photographie Photographie
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