Meredyth Sparks

Everything we have loved is lost
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Galerie Frank Elbaz Paris 03

Meredyth Sparks, Untitled (Dylan reflects), 2009, Digital print, 76,5 x 102 cm, Edition of 5

Choosing images, then recycling them by associating them with other materials : this is the gesture-cycle that structures Meredyth Sparks' work. The photographs that serve as a substrate in her oeuvre date from the 1970s, a watershed decade in that it saw both the apogee and the decline of political utopias and the counterculture, the culmination of Leftist radicalism and its abrupt repudiation. The tipping point came in 1979 : year of the election of Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom and Ronald Reagan in the United States, but also of the beginnings of religious fundamentalism, with the seizing of power by Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.

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Meredyth Sparks


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