Les Usines Louise


Art and bio-hacking for collective invention.

Les Usines Louise is an experimental space for collective invention: A studio and office down by the river of Ain in France and a 16 acres patch of land somewhere in the middle of Texas… this is also me, IHR, a sculptor and transitory state pilot.

As an artist, I now want to create proof of concept, not art pieces meant for museum view. I want to be involved, hands on in building sustainable frugal actions.

I created the LUL project to give a shape to an intuition I call "tools to think with your hands" and a form of open source art…I'm working on it...

I am also currently involved in citizen science project like La Paillasse Saône and I have relevant work experience in an environmental evaluation firm and 8 years in NYC as part of of a artist collective




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