La galerie à New York : Independent New York

Solo show André Cadere
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Galerie Hervé Bize Nancy

Stand André Cadere à Independent NY 2017 _ Galerie Hervé Bize

La galerie à New York : Independent New York

La galerie a le plaisir d'annoncer sa première participation à Independent New York, qui réunira une sélection de 40 galeries internationales, simultanément à The Armory Show, à laquelle nous avions participé en 2012 et 2013.


For Independent New York 2017, the Galerie Hervé Bize will feature a solo presentation of André
Cadere (Warsaw 1934 – Paris 1978).
Undeniably, Cadere is one of those completely mythical artistic characters who made major
contributions to the history of contemporary art, in a spectacular and concentrated way. Indeed, the path taken by this artist of Romanian origin, one of the rare artists during the 1970s to invent a new art form which identified him completely – his famous bars of wood made up of round segments, colored according to a predetermined system which he disrupted by inserting a mistake, and which were neither dependant on a place nor on one particular exhibition mode – still generates constant interest today and continues to have a considerable influence on contemporary art. This presentation will also include a few rare early works especially one of his last canvas paintings and the unique serie of long willowy bars.
André Cadere went several times in New York at the end of his life and this booth especially conceived for Independent is a kind of tribute to his trips in the United States.



Galerie Hervé Bize 17 - 19, rue Gambetta 54000 Nancy France

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