I am the writer and creator of Architecture of an Atom, the graphic novel. Developed and completed at the residencies, Martha Street Studios (Winnipeg,) Entreprise Culturelle (Paris,) BHQFU (NYC,) De Ateliers (Amsterdam) and in New Jersey, this book will be published and launched at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival by 2dcloud to a North American release and international tour. More info at

From 2010-2016, I co-created a non-linear transmedia narrative, Architecture of an Atom. Working with artistic communities and groups of Lyon, Stockholm, Gotland, Helsinki, Rome, Winnipeg, New York, Copenhagen and Malmö, I devised a searching, functional method based system to create a series of abstract fictional and site-specific films. These works have exhibited, screened and performed at museums (MoMA PS1, Moderna, MAC-Lyon, Centre-Geneva, Kiasma) galleries (Silberkuppe, Essex Flowers, Salon de Montrouge) film and comics festivals (Cineglobe, Zinebi, Crack, Antimatter, Cine-Rebis) and alternative art spaces (Néon, Atomic Centre, GrrrndZero) in North America and Europe. My books and editions are published by the Moderna Museum, the Musee d’Art Contemporain de Lyon, Sparkplug Comics and 2dcloud.

Fiction and its layered construction is the basis of my work, which takes the form of books, films, theater, performance, installations, paintings, tapestries and comics. I create narratives that unite, divide and perform themselves through the interweaving of mediums, cultures and time. My stories touch upon social-cultural issues such as the denial of death, the quagmire of naturalization, and the construction of conflict, memory and belief. The audience interacts with the work on several levels—literal, symbolic, visual, aural—sometimes simultaneously, at times sequentially, referencing not only the contemporary context but also artistic predecessors and archetypal elements.

Currently, I am writing and creating a new narrative, Transversal Scepters | The Antecedents, which crosses time by using criminal archives and technologies from the 17th and 21st century in the Netherlands and North America as touchstones to hallucinate alternative futures. This project has been awarded with a research development grant from the Mondriaan Fonds.

A recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship, and the ENSBA-Lyon, Néon, LA BOX, De Ateliers residencies and grants, I received a 2016 Fellowship for Painting from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

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