Suite programme 2023

In partnership with ADAGP
Suite 2023

The 9th edition of Suite programme, initiated by the CNAP, in partnership with the ADAGP, gives continued support to a selection of projects from artists who have benefited from support for artistic project beyond their research phase. In association with locations managed by artists or curators anxious to renew curator practices, the Suite programme therefore enables artists to try out their ideas in the real setting of an exhibition.

Suite Programme: supporting the artists

These exhibition spaces, forming part of a network of cultural outreach over the nation and real artistic staging posts, take account of every form of current writing and creation. In this way they contribute to an inter-disciplinary and de-compartmentalised way of looking at contemporary art, in the fashion of the Suite programme.

Taking account of the experimental nature of the projects it supports, the CNAP initiated this new programme to make possible significant exhibitions of the diversity of the research and creation. Suite tends to develop mutually stimulating views of methods of producing and manufacturing works. It therefore makes it possible to bring to light new innovative projects, and to encourage new artistic and curating practices.

In order to set up these projects, in 2021 the CNAP joined forces with seven places oriented towards emerging art and experimentation: Le Café des Glaces in Tonnerre, La compagnie in Marseille, La Maison Louis Jardin in Mesnil-Sur-Oger, Le MAT au Pays d’Ancenis. La Friche in le Port (La Réunion), Ampersand in Lisbonne (Portugal.)

6 exhibitions and 1 to the international
8 supported artists and one artist collective

Caroline Réveillaud; « Navigation sans instruments » 
La Friche, Le Port (La Réunion)
2 June - 28 July 2023

Clément Verger, « Circumnavigations »
Le MAT, Pays d’Ancenis (Pays de la Loire)
18 June - 26 November 2023

Jean Charles de Quillacq, Sofia Montanha et Jimmy DeSana,« PROS »
Ampersand, Lisbonne (Portugal)
21 June - 1er July 2023
Bastien Cosson, « Autopromo » (anciennement « BONUS MALUS BÉBÉ PHALLUS »)
Le Café des Glaces, Tonnerre (Bourgogne – Franche-Comté)
8 July - 7 October 2023

La compagnie, Marseille (PACA)
30 November 2023 - 3 February 2024

Marion Bataillard et Théodore Melchior, « Duo#5 »
La Maison Louis Jardin, Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger (Champagne-Ardenne)
8 December 2023 - 8 January 2024

Updated: September 28 2023