The Journal Graphisme en France: 20 Years

Cover of Graphisme en France 2014, issue 20, in English. Graphic design: Matthieu Meyer and Charlotte Gauvin.

Graphisme en France is an annual journal for graphic design and communication professionals. Every year since 1994, graphic design researchers, sociologists, critics and professionals have here shared their viewpoints and their research on the major themes, giving life to this realm of creative work. In April 2014, the Centre national des arts plastiques published a special issue of Graphisme en France, for the journal's 20th anniversary, translated into English for the first time.
It can be downloaded here, and at the website and, for iPad, on the application or at the digital bookstore Art, Book, Magazine.

A collection of remarkable contributions, commissioned from young researchers who are also exhibition curators, publishers, teachers or designers, which questions various graphic design practices in light of today's context. Alice Savoie, character designer, teacher and Ph.D. student, puts in perspective her work, teaching and research in the realm of typography. Vivien Philizot, graphic designer, teacher and Ph.D. student, relies on Ken Garland's First Things First manifesto, published in 1964, and the various commentaries  made on it, reaffirming the fundamentally social character of graphic design. Anthony Masure, digital design teacher and Ph.D. student, analyses the ties between graphic creative work and digital tools, highlighting what this fruitful combination can lead to. Contributors to the Tombolo community offer critique in the realm of graphic design, consisting of a succession of textual and iconographic responses of one author to another.  Finally, Michel Wlassikoff, graphic design historian, offers a panorama of nineteen issues of Graphisme en France, for a look back at its development and history.

As every year, the publication is also an occasion to discover a unique graphic design proposal entrusted to young creative talents.

It was Charlotte Gauvin and Matthieu Meyer, who graduated with the Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP) respectively in 2012 and 2011 at the Valence Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design, who were selected to create this anniversary edition.

Their proposed graphic design rests on a rigorous and inventive layout, reworked for each text, depending on its structuring content, to emphasise its specific characteristics.

Graphisme en France, Signage, CNAP, Paris, 2013.
Texts: Jérôme Denis, David Pontille, Rafael Soares Gonçalves, Vanina Pinter.
Graphic design: Atelier Tout Va Bien (Anna Chevance, Mathias Reynoird).

Graphisme en France, code__tools__design, CNAP, Paris, 2012.
Texts: Kevin Donnot, Annick Lantenois, Casey Reas, Chandler Mc Williams.
Graphic design: Pentagon (Guillaume Allard, Johann Aussage, Vanessa Goetz).
10,000 variations

Graphisme en France, Standing the Test of Time, CNAP, Paris, 2010–2011.
Texts: Jérôme Denis, David Pontille, Emily King, Véronique Vienne.
Graphic design: Atelier 25 (Capucine Merkenbrack, Chloé Tercé).

Graphisme en France, Typography, CNAP, Paris, 2009–2010.
Texts: Peter Bil’ak, Jean Baptiste Levée, Thomas Huot–Marchand, Michel Wlassikoff, with the contribution of Catherine de Smet.
Graphic design: Atelier Müesli (Léa Chapon, Mytil Ducomet).

Graphisme en France, Learning and Unlearning, CNAP, Paris, 2008–2009.
Texts: Catherine de Smet.
Graphic design: Dasbat (Myriam Barchechat, Anne Denastas).

Graphisme en France, Visible Invisible, CNAP, Paris, 2007.
Texts: Catherine de Smet.
Graphic design: Loran Stosskopf.
8 variations

Graphisme en France, Chronology of 20th Century French Graphic Design, CNAP, Paris, 2006.
Texts: Michel Wlassikoff.
Graphic design: Laurent Mészáros.

Graphisme en France, Profession: Graphic Designer, CNAP, Paris, 2005.
Texts: François Caspar.
Graphic design: Frédéric Teschner.

Graphisme en France, History - a Future Perspective, CNAP, Paris, 2004.
Texts: Roxane Jubert.
Graphic design: Wijntje Van Rooijen.

Graphisme en France, Graphic Design and Publishing, CNAP, Paris, 2003.
Texts: Catherine de Smet.
Graphic design: Cyril Cohen.

Graphisme en France, Forging a Graphic Culture, CNAP, Paris, 2002.
Texts: Michel Wlassikoff.
Graphic design: Sylvain Enguehard.

Graphisme en France, The Commission, CNAP, Paris, 2001.
Texts: Hugues Leroy.
Graphic design: Jean–Marc Ballée.
4 variations

Graphisme en France, CNAP, Paris, 2000.
Texts: Jocelyn de Pass.
Graphic design: Laurent Mercier, Agnès Rousseaux.

Graphisme en France, The Singular Character of Typography, CNAP, Paris, 1999.
Texts: Muriel Paris.
Graphic design: Isabelle Guillaume, Pierre Peronnet.

Graphisme en France, Graphic Design and Information Technology: A Brief Overview of a Lasting Liaison CNAP, Paris, 1998.
Texts: Michel Wlassikoff.
Graphic design: Jeanne Verdoux.

Graphisme en France, Hopes/Questions, CNAP, Paris, 1997.
Texts: Michel Ellenberger.
Graphic design: Pierre di Sciullo.

Graphisme en France, CNAP, Paris, 1996.
Texts: Michel Wlassikoff.
Graphic design: Roxane Jubert.

Graphic Designs, Special issue of Arts Infos no. 73, DAP, Paris, 1995.
Texts: Frédéric Massard.
Graphic design: Daniel Perrier, Emmanuelle Vacher.

Graphisme en France, CNAP, Paris, 1994.
Texts: Michel Wlassikoff.
Graphic design: Evelyne Deltombe.

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Updated: October 7 2021