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Requests concerning the CNAP’s image library and the reproduction of works :

To request permission to reproduce a CNAP-housed work or for the borrowing of images, please e-mail:

Requests concerning works in the CNAP collection :

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Collection archives

As established by Book II of the French Heritage Code and Act no. 2008-696 of 15 July 2008 concerning the collection’s national archives, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques is responsible for ensuring the meticulous and regular management of its archives. It also ensures the careful management of its intermediary archives, as well as overseeing their periodic transfer to the National Archives (at Pierrefitte).

The historic archives of artwork commissions and acquisitions from 1800 to the 1960s are housed at the National Archives, as part of the F21 series (‘Fine Arts Administration’), whose inventory is available for consultation via the Arcade database.

Consult Arcade

Updated: July 1 2021