Romuald Jandolo, Pelo en el pecho, macho por derecho

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Fine Arts
Galerie Alain Gutharc Paris 03
Romuald Jandolo, Pelo en el pecho, macho por derecho, at Alain Gutharc

Haunted by a fragmentary and multicultural genealogy, Romuald Jandolo’s work is part of a baroque and exuberant universe where he sets the scene for our fantasies and opens up the field of possibilities.

The artist is inspired as much by the codes of religious dogmatism as by the most de-paganism. He does not hesitate to transgress the norms of gender, good taste and propriety, thus giving him total artistic freedom.

The exhibition “Pelo en pecho, macho por derecho” is a Latin American expression meaning: “hair on the chest, man by right”. It refers to the hairiness of the conquistaIt refers to the hairiness of the conquistadors, which gave them superior rights to the hairless Indians. Influenced by his research in Canada and Spain, the artist is interested in the discovery of the of the American continent by Europeans. Imbued with Laurent Binet’s book, Civilisazions (2019), he wonders about the possible reversal of history and the possible impact on our modes of representation. What if... the Incas had invaded Europe in the 16th century? In our subconscious, the name of this civilisation of the Andes conjures up many images, that of the conquistadors, the greed of Francisco Pizarro, the destruction of a civilisation and its sacrifices, notably popularised by Hergé in “Tintin, Temple of the Sun”.

Through this frozen mythology, Romuald Jandolo revisits in a half-realistic - half-fictional way and invites us into a metamorphic scenography that mixes drawings and silkscreens, ceramic or bronze sculptures, whose heterogeneous ensemble gradually builds the hallucinated scene. 

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Galerie Alain Gutharc 7 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris 03 France
Updated: October 13 2022