223 Visual Arts Residencies in France

Graphic design: Julie Rousset

As part of its mission to support creative practice and provide information for artists and professionals working in the field, France’s Centre for Visual Arts, the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), is about to publish 223 Visual Arts Residencies in France, a practical guide to residencies for artists, curators, art critics, art theorists and art historians. It is the latest in the Cnap’s collection “Guides to Contemporary Art”.

In addition to a directory of residency venues, the guide includes an article on the organisation and smooth running of a residency, and three interviews with directors of residency host establishments who discuss the challenges, issues and conditions of successful residency programmes. A model contract, a directory of website resources and a bibliography complete the guide.

The guide is designed to be an accessible and user-friendly resource on residencies and the way they operate, providing as complete as possible information. This information is both for those organising residencies and for future residents: to help organisers at every stage of their programme’s creation and candidates with choosing the residency conditions and facilities best suited to their practice(s) and expectations.

Dernière mise à jour le 11 mars 2021