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Centre national des arts plastiques

"Trois fois rien" opening weekend

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"Trois fois rien" opening weekend

Continuous performance and installation

CN D - Centre national de la danse, Pantin
16 • 17 mars 2019

From 16 March to 19 April 2019, the CN D invites the Cnap to present an exhibition in response to the 2019 spring season. “Trois fois rien” (“Next to nothing”) gathers together works from the Cnap collection that proceed by sampling and framing, by subtraction and combustion. A visual tale constantly sharing and exchanging with the living.
The exhibition begins on the CN D’s opening weekend, alongside the launch of its retrospective dedicated to the choreographer Xavier Le Roy. Shared dance workshops for the general public will occupy 15 spaces of the CN D, while Temporary Title, assembling 18 dancers during 6 hours, will be performed in the large Studio.

Within this context, the Cnap and the CN D propose two exceptional events on 16 & 17 March, from 2 to 8 PM (non-stop): 

- A one-of-a-kind performance for 4 dancers, imagined by Émilie Pitoiset and inspired by marathon dancing. Where Did our Love Go?
During the Great Depression in the United States, dance marathons allowed couples to make money by dancing non-stop for hours on end until complete exhaustion. A cathartic mirror of the crisis affecting everyone at the time, such spectacles were performed before an audience encouraged to bet on the winning pairs. On-stage judges rigorously upheld the rules, with numerous risks for disqualification. These competitions constituted a veritable lifeline for certain persons having just lost everything. Where Did our Love Go? is a newly created performance for four dancers, which replays, deconstructs and exacerbates this cruel game.

Émilie Pitoiset has collected images of dance marathons since 2009. This iconography nourishes the repertoire of movements and postures at the heart of her staged and visual-art oeuvre. Pushed to breaking point, nearly collapsing, these bodies intimately enduring the mechanisms of capitalism seem as contemporary and relevant as ever.

Émilie Pitoiset (born in 1980) is an artist and choreographer living and working in Paris. Her work puts into play the body’s resistance through dance, rituals, sexuality and money. Her visual vocabulary borrows freely from film noir, the nouveau roman, secret societies and the ideals and fantasies of popular culture from the 1920s onward. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, at such institutions as the Witte de With, the Centre Pompidou, the Palais de Tokyo, the Shirn Museum, the Tai Kwun Contemporary in Hong Kong and Le Confort Moderne.

- An installation by Edith Dekyndt: One Thousand and One Nights
A carpet of dust collected at the CN D is placed beneath a projector, with the beam of light perfectly delimiting its edges. At regular intervals, the projector’s axis slightly shifts. Someone then comes to gently sweep the floor, so that the square of dust once again coincides with the square of light…

Edith Dekyndt is a Belgian artist born in 1960. Her work focuses on creating images using the most fleeting and volatile phenomena, testifying to a great economy of means and movements. In this manner, she often occupies exhibition spaces by making use of their own proper substances and memories. Duration, synonymous with transformation and interaction of the combined elements, constitutes one of the artist’s favourite materials within a processual oeuvre, whose humility borders on the sublime.

One Thousand and One Nights was created for the artist’s retrospective exhibition held at the Wiels in Brussels in 2016. The installation was once again presented during the 2017 Venice Biennale, as part of the exhibition “Viva Arte, Viva”. Recently acquired by the Cnap, the work will be activated for the very first time in France during “Trois fois rien”.

Opening on 16 and 17 March 2019, 2 to 8 PM
- Exhibition “Trois fois rien”
+ non-stop:

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Dernière mise à jour le 02 Mai 2019
CN D - Centre national de la danse
1 rue Victor Hugo
93507 Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis (93)

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"Trois fois rien", works from the Cnap collection

CN D - Centre national de la danse, Pantin
16 mars • 19 avril 2019