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Groupe CCC

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Groupe CCC is a creative studio
Groupe CCC has been co-founded by Valentin Bigel and Alice Gavin in 2010‭.
Groupe CCC is a groupe of friends as well as a group of work‭.
Groupe CCC seeks new groups of collaborations.
Groupe CCC is now a group of 2‭ ‬to X people‭.‬

Groupe CCC conceives full creatives projects‭, ‬designs visuals identities as well as fonts‭, ‬books‭, ‬websites‭, ‬digital tools‭, ‬images at large‭.‬
Groupe CCC loves worksing with artists and shows particular interestes in art‭, ‬fashion‭, ‬and forms of innovation‭.‬

Groupe CCC works from Paris and operates on internet‭.‬

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Dernière mise à jour le 16 févr. 2019
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