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Centre national des arts plastiques

La nouvelle adresse

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La nouvelle adresse

Performances, live music and words, works in situ, cinema

Cnap - La nouvelle adresse, Pantin
14 • 16 septembre 2018
On 14, 15, 16 September, the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) will open its doors at its “new address” in Pantin.
For the period of a weekend, the Cnap invites you to come and experience the site, with one of a kind performances, live music and words, works in situ, a listening room and cinema will all be part of the package.
The opening evening will be followed by a night of partying.
Art will make its first appearance in the building and the Cnap will take its first steps in its new setting in partnership with the Centre national de la danse (CND) and the Centre national édition art image (Cneai).

This 25,000-m2 warehouse will be open to visit before the start of the renovation works for the creation of the new Cnap, due to open in 2022. The huge industrial spaces await the curiosity of visitors in a one-off opportunity.
La nouvelle adresse
will be neither an unachievable museum or an inventory of monuments, it will celebrate and intensify an experience, a sensory encounter with a place and its imaginary universe.
Visitors will be invited to mingle with the performers, to merge with sound installations to be felt as much as listened to, and to experience and dream the new address.
It will make the space hum, shake up the expectations, summon up the ghosts and, in doing so, express both a promise and a memory.


Works from the collection and new commissions share the plateau of the ground floor, like in a public space. The wall painting/lighting by Flora Moscovici, the airy drawing by Esther Ferrer, the instruments of Tarek Atoui and the inflatable Video Ozone by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Bernard Joisten, Pierre Joseph and Philippe Parreno form three stations that will be triggered at intervals during the three opening days.

Sculptures, installations and performances by Nicolas Moulin, Amalia Pica, Cécile Paris, Davide Balula and Alex Cecchetti seem to emanate from the building, conjuring up a deliberately ghostly past.

The film programme organised by the Cinéma du Cnap, a temporary room comfortably situated in the heart of the building, offers a non-stop selection of films acquired or backed by the institution that harmonise with the display.

Other works tell their stories and dialogue with the still empty spaces. The lecture by Grégory Buchert and the ceremony by Béatrice Balcou stage the possible lives lived by works of art. The mobile amphitheatre Cavea conceived by Olivier Vadrot hosts the words of artists invited to share Des images secrètes, mental images that fleetingly inhabit the spaces.

Concerts, sound performances and playlists diffused by L’Écouteur (a listening room conceived by Jean-Yves Leloup and Laurent Massaloux) make the building hum with electro-acoustic sounds, hymns and secrets.

On the evening of Friday 14th, organised with the CND, the festivities will open with a new performance by Monster Chetwynd and a concert by Shrouded & The Dinner / The Tic Tac of the Charmed Clock (Marmelade), an artists’ collective of outstanding musicians who will reunite for the occasion. The night will continue with carte blanche given to The Post Post, who, for a few hours of clubbing, will fill the future stores of the Cnap.

Throughout the weekend, there will be live performances: Stephen O’Malley and Émilie Pitoiset will appear alongside Ève Aboulkheir, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Davide Tidoni, artists invited by the Cneai as part of a festival of sound performances "LIVE =".

La nouvelle adresse will stage a temporary production of living, inflatable and sound sculptures, loose threads, suspended screens, and bodies in movement. It will have something common to all rituals – whether a christening, house-warming or farewell party – the purpose first and foremost of offering a welcome.


Friday 14th
opening evening, performance, concert & clubbing:
19h: opening
19h-5h: Video Ozone by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Bernard Joisten, Pierre Joseph et Philippe Parreno
20h30: Monster Chetwynd
21h30: Shrouded & The Dinner / The Tic Tac of the Charmed Clock (Marmelade)
23h-5h: Clubbing Cnap x CND, in the hands of The Post Post
with Deena Abdelwahed (SHAPE Platform), La Fraicheur (infine rcds), Virginia (ostgut rcds)

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th
a continuous string of performances and concerts:
Ève Aboulkheir, Tarek Atoui, Davide Balula, Grégory Buchert, BrutPop, Alex Cecchetti, Gauchoir, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Stephen O’Malley, Cécile Paris, Émilie Pitoiset, Max-Louis Raugel, Davide Tidoni.

All weekend
works by:
Tarek Atoui, Béatrice Balcou, Julien Carretero, Esther Ferrer, Flora Moscovici, Nicolas Moulin, Amalia Pica, Olivier Vadrot.
Programmes by L’Écouteur, in the Cinéma du Cnap, Des images secrètes online at: 

Programming devised by Juliette Pollet,
(Cnap collection managers), Max-Louis Raugel for the Cneai (LIVE = programmation at La nouvelle adresse), Aymar Crosnier et Fany Corral.
Artistic production: Marc Sanchez, director of the cultural development centre, partnerships and publications (Cnap).


Dernière mise à jour le 19 oct. 2018
Cnap - La nouvelle adresse
81 rue Cartier-Bresson
93500 Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis (93)