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The Suite program, 2019 / 5 years on

Experimenting – Producing – Exhibiting

Metaxu (Toulon), espace 36 (Saint Omer), 40mcube (Rennes), Sunset (Besançon)
may 10 • december 21 2019

For the fifth year running, the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), in partnership with the ADAGP, joins forces with independent exhibition spaces overseen by artists or young curators eager to renew curatorial practices. The Cnap thereby seeks to lend greater public visibility to selected projects having benefitted from its assistance in research and/or artistic production, by accompanying them within the framework of an exhibition. 

Metaxu in Toulon, espace 36 in Saint-Omer, 40mcube in Rennes and Sunset in Besançon are the partners for Suite 2019. 


Part of a national network of cultural diffusion and distribution, these exhibition spaces, geared towards emergence and experimentation, are artistic relays which take into account all of the entries and forms of current creation, and which contribute to a transversal and decompartmentalized reading of contemporary art.
They emphasize artists’ engagement with their creative work and provide innovative thinking with regard to the ways of showing and thinking about both the reality of the work of creation and the artworks themselves.

Considering the experimental nature of the projects that it supports, notably in the context of its support of artistic research and production, the Cnap established this program in order to make exhibitions which are significant of the diversity of possible research and creation.


This program provides artists with the possibility of showing their artworks as objects in the process of becoming, with a form which is constantly reinvented by the intersecting visions of creator and visitor. Ultimately it allows possible next steps to be found for projects which are the vectors of an aesthetic exception to be shared.


Metaxu (Toulon)

Exhibition La Vallée de Silice (2045-1542) by Raphael Siboni and Fabien Giraud 
From 13 May to 13 July 2019 (opening: Friday 10 May)

espace 36 (Saint-Omer)
Exhibition Titans by Laurent Pernot
From 18 May to 6 July 2019 (opening: Saturday 18 May)

Sunset - RS (Besançon)
Exhibition Degré zéro du hub de Sépànd Danesh
From 13 October to 9 November 2019 (opening: Saturday 12 October)

40mcube (Rennes)
Exhibition Bertfalhe de Hélène Bertin, Éleonore False, Ingrid Luche
From 19 October to 21 december 2019 (opening: Friday 18 October)


The Suite program benefits from the support of the ADAGP and La Copie Privée.

The ADAGP manages the rights of visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, architects, etc.), dedicating a portion of its collected private-copying levies to financing and assisting artistic creation and dissemination.



Dernière mise à jour le 02 May 2019
Metaxu (Toulon), espace 36 (Saint Omer), 40mcube (Rennes), Sunset (Besançon)

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