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"Trois fois rien", works from the Cnap collection

CN D - Centre national de la danse, Pantin
march 16 • april 19 2019

The Cnap will move to Pantin by 2022 and for the first time, the centre’s staff, activities and reserve collections will all occupy a single site covering 25,000 m2. Already in 2018, the Cnap set up shop within this culturally dynamic territory, exceptionally opening the doors to its “new address”. This event also marked the very first collaboration between the Cnap and the Centre National de la Danse (CN D). In 2019, both institutions renew their partnership by jointly hosting “Trois fois rien” (“Next to nothing”). And in autumn, the third chapter of this collaborative triptych will revolve around La Ribot during the Festival d’Automne à Paris.

Nothing here further adds to the material world. The works drawn from the Cnap collection and presented at the CN D proceed by sampling and framing, by subtraction and combustion. They emerge on the fringes of the tangible, the ludicrous, the familiar. Under glass, in the light, cumbersome leftovers and press clippings, mere trifles and promises…

"Trois fois rien" indeed, the distressing lists compiled by Claude Closky, the doubtful declarations by Matthieu Laurette, Mario Garcia Torres and Ernest T., the anti-monuments by Luis Camnitzer, On Kawara, Jorge Pedro Núñez, herman de vries and Guillaume Leblon, the unsettling photographs by Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann and Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza. In fine, with the hypnotic videos by documentation céline duval, an impulsion, perhaps a provocation to “burn everything”. For these fragile existences are anything but insignificant. By utilizing clichés, by indexing the nameless, they slyly shed light on the latent authoritarian measures and mechanisms overseeing production, as much within the art world as within advertising. And concurrently are revealed forms of beauty and fiction born of reserves and erasures. David Claerbout redraws an Edenic Jungle Book purged of all human activity. Edith Dekyndt illuminates a carpet of dust for One Thousand and One Nights. To paraphrase Barthes paraphrasing Jean de la Croix, “night is dark”, but “it enlightens the night”. And contemplating the exhausted bodies on a dance floor presented by Émilie Pitoiset, one whispers Where did our love go?

With works by Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, David Claerbout, Edith Dekyndt, Luis Camnitzer, Claude Closky, herman de vries, documentation céline duval, On Kawara, Matthieu Laurette, Guillaume Leblon, Jorge Pedro Núñez, Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza, Émilie Pitoiset, Ernest T., Mario Garcia Torres

An exhibition designed by Juliette Pollet, Director of the Fine Arts Collection (from 1991 onwards) at the Cnap.

Opening on 16 and 17 March 2019, 2 to 8 PM
- Exhibition “Trois fois rien”
+ non-stop:
- Performance by Émilie Pitoiset, Where Did our Love Go?
- Installation by Edith Dekyndt, One Thousand and One Nights

From 19 March to 18 April 2019
Tuesday to Friday, 10:30 AM to 7 PM
Saturdays, 2 to 8 PM



Dernière mise à jour le 02 May 2019
CN D - Centre national de la danse
1 rue Victor Hugo
93507 Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis (93)