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The Suite program, 2018

Experiment – Produce – Exhibit

may 04 • december 31 2018
  • Vue de l'exposition de Sergio Verastegui, "TRANSPOÈME", Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon, 2018. Dans le cadre du programme « Suite ». © photo : Sergio Verastegui

  • Sergio Verastegui,ÇA, Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon, 2018. © photo : Sergio Verastegui

  • Sergio Verastegui,AAAAAA, Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon, 2018. © photo : Sergio Verastegui

  • Hotel Palenque © Sergio Verastegui 2016

  • Nils Guadagnin, Supercell

  • Sergio Verastegui, amuleto (1), 2016, Tissu, toile, carton, bronze, 139 x 106 x 5 cm. Courtesy Galerie Thomas Bernard-Cortex Athletico.

  • Ann Guillaum, Éléments de recherche pour la réalisation d’En souvenir d’un temps qu’il nous reste à inventer, Plateau de Millevaches, mars 2017. ©Ann Guillaume

  • The Voyage Out Radio Series : 2222 8 2022, Ana Vaz & Nuno da Luz, 2017 - en cours.

For the 4th consecutive year, the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), in partnership with the ADAGP, has worked with independent spaces run by artists and young curators concerned with renewing curatorial practices. Its goal here is to provide public visibility to a selection of projects which have benefitted from the support of the Cnap in terms of artistic research and production, by accompanying them in the context of an exhibition.

The Ateliers Vortex (Dijon), Tropismes (Saint-Jean-de-Luz), the Ange Leccia Center for Contemporary Art  (Oletta) and La Pommerie (Gentioux-Pigerolles) are the partners of Suite 2018.

Part of a national network of cultural diffusion and distribution, these exhibition spaces, geared towards emergence and experimentation, are artistic relays which take into account all of the entries and forms of current creation, and which contribute to a transversal and decompartmentalized reading of contemporary art.
They emphasize artists’ engagement with their creative work and provide innovative thinking with regard to the ways of showing and thinking about both the reality of the work of creation and the artworks themselves.

Considering the experimental nature of the projects that it supports, notably in the context of its support of artistic research and production, the Cnap established this program in order to make exhibitions which are significant of the diversity of possible research and creation.


This program provides artists with the possibility of showing their artworks as objects in the process of becoming, with a form which is constantly reinvented by the intersecting visions of creator and visitor. Ultimately it allows possible next steps to be found for projects which are the vectors of an aesthetic exception to be shared.


La Pommerie, Gentioux-Pigerolles
Project En souvenir d’un temps qu'il nous reste à inventer (In memory of a time that remains to be invented) by Ann Guillaume
Public presentation: November 11th – December 16th
Inquiry from February to November
Launch meeting on November 10th at 4 p.m

Centre d’art contemporain Ange Leccia, Oletta
Exhibition The Voyage Out by Ana Vaz
July 18th – September 30th
Vernissage Tuesday July 17th

Tropismes, Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Exhibition Perpetual Monument by Nils Guadagnin
August 11th  - September 2nd
Vernissage – conference Friday August 10th, beginning at 6 p.m.

Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon
Exhibition TRANSPOÈME by Sergio Verastegui
May 4th – June 2nd
Vernissage Friday May 4th, 2018, beginning at 6 p.m.


The Suite program benefits from the support of the ADAGP and the Copie Privée.

The ADAGP is responsible for managing authors rights in the fields of visual arts (painters, sculptors, photographers, drawers, architects…) and consecrates a certain portion of the revenue from the duties collected to supporting the creation and distribution of artworks.


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