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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Applied Arts, Craftwork and Industrial Design Commission 2017

The college of decorative arts, design and applied arts of the Committee for acquisitions and commissions of the Cnap met on October 4th and 5th, 2017 and acquired 106 objects for a budget of almost 2000,000€.

More than 61% of the designers acquired by the Cnap during this commission were first time acquisitions (Bona-Lemercier, Nathalie Dewez, Form Us With Love, Roxane Gataud, India Mahdavi, Maximum Studio, Mike & Maaike, Muller Van Severen, Mut Studio...) which confirms the prospective vocation of the Cnap, while other acquisitions were used to complete existing collections (notably François Azambourg, Francesco Binfaré, the Bouroullecs, Pierre Charpin, David Dubois, Naoto Fukasawa, Konstantin Grcic, and Enzo Mari). Regarding the emergence of French and foreign designers, the international dimension of the design and decorative arts has been extended through the purchase of pieces by confirmed designers of international stature, whether they are part of the French scene or foreign scenes.

Continuing with its coherent approach, the committee has continued to pay close attention to societal issues that are echoed by design. The question of ecology is raised notably through the committee's choice to acquire objects by Maximum Studio, young designers who use industrial waste as a resource, a set of portable solar lamps by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen along with a sofa by Francesco Binfaré that features a bear lying on what looks like a floating ice floe.
In response to the organization of open spaces and the necessity for people to isolate themselves, in particular when it comes to so-called “open space” offices, a number of key steps have been taken with the collection of what could become a typology of objects that establish a visual and/or phonic isolation (Les Bouroullec, Constantin Grcic, Gam Fratesi, Vandeputte, Ivan Kasner & Uli Budde, Form Us With Love, Mut Design and Mike & Maaike).

Mindful of the activity of centers for art and the Fracs that figure among their territorial partners, the Cnap acquired five “screens” by the Frères Bouroullec, that had previously been shown during their monographic exhibition at the Frac in Brittany. Movable partitions that play with transparency based on a grammar of combinatory elements, they complete an emblematic collection of designers conserved by the Cnap. The Fu-An tea house, a micro-architecture by Kengo Kuma, is also an important piece that was acquired after it was presented at the Centre international d'art et du paysage of the Île de Vassivière and then at the Centre national édition art image in Pantin.
The duo of architects Bona-Lemercier also joined the collection with a group of modular elements made of sheet metal used to create multifunctional furniture.

Committed to conserving the traces of a century, the committee also wished to bring a group of variations on the Thonet chair into the collection, from its historical model in 1859 to the contemporary reinterpretations that the publisher commissioned from a number of designers, including Stefan Diez, Naoto Fukasawa and Robert Stadler (in the form of a donation to the latter).

Through all of these acquisitions, a commitment to the domestic landscape and the topicality of the published furniture have continued to be a central axis for action and thought, with the acquisition of a desk lamp by Pierre Charpin, that combines very drawn details that render the piece quite discrete with industrial technology, and pieces by Francesco Binfaré, Nathalie Dewez, the Bouroullecs and Konstantin Grcic.
The know-how of the Cogolin factory has also been recognized with the acquisition of two rugs (India Mahdavi and Christian Bérard).

The interactive installation, Paper Machine, by Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage, a series of games by Enzo Mari and a complementary acquisition of children’s books published by the Trois Ourses have expanded a line of research dealing with game design, while at the same time reaffirming a link with the policy of enhancement of the collection in terms of graphic design. This latter continues to be a strong area of research with the acquisition of the typeface Bely by Roxane Gataud, and through the donation of a collection of posters, pieces of stationery, sketches, notes, preparatory document notes… visual identities for theaters (1996-1997) by Paul Cox and the Galerie Raeber Von Stengling of the Atelier de Valence.

These artworks are destined to be lent to, and deposited in, cultural institutions all over France and abroad.

Artworks in the process of being acquired

Dernière mise à jour le 20 Apr 2018


Ensemble d'éléments de papeterie, de communication, de 45 tampons et de projets non retenus conçus dans le cadre de la collaboration avec la galerie
Matériaux mixtes, bois et polymères
dimensions variables

Don de l’Atelier deValence avec le soutien de la galerie RaebervonStengling

PENNE, 2012

Argent 925 rhodié, cordon en cuir, bouton fermoir en argent 925
Longueur 65 cm
27/30 + 2 EA, signé et numéroté
Edition MiniMasterpiece/B, Chauveau

PENNE, 2012 - 2017

Bague Avec socle en argent
Argent 925 rhodié
4,5 x 1 x 0,7 cm (taille de doigt 51)
27/ 30 + 2 EA
signée et numérotée
Edition MiniMasterpiece/B, Chauveau

BAGUE A HELICES, 2015 - 2017

Argent 925, corde à piano et os + socle en argent
H. 7 cm x l. 7 cm
5/ 30 signée et numérotée
Edition MiniMasterpiece/B, Chauveau

PACK, 2017

L’assise composée de 2 éléments modulaires séparables évoque une banquise ; le dossier, souple et mobile équipé d’un ballast interne , a la forme d’un ours allongé sur le côté en fibres de polyester; revêtement déhoussable en fausse fourrure dont la texture évoque des couches de glace , dessous en cuir retourné utilisé comme antidérapant ; rembourrage en Gellyfoam® et plumes
80 x 370 x245 cm
Edition Edra (Italie)

Edition Edra

O.B.U.(Original Bipolar Units), 2011

Etuis métalliques constitués chacun de deux pièces assemblables par coulisses
acier plié épaisseur 20/10ème, finition anti corrosion bichromatée ;
150 aimants souples multipolaires pour assemblage des étuis entre eux
Caoutchouc ferritique épaisseur 15/10ème MAFLEX A15 (dim.106 x 70 mm) + 2 vidéos de démonstration
113 x 348 x 480 mm
Fabrication à la commande

Scpa Bona-Lemercier

CAN, 2016

Lounge Chair
Base métal gris anthracite; tissu arrière Canvas Army ; tissu coussins et assise en Canvas Army
40/82x97x89,5 cm
Edition Hay

Blou Concept Store

CAN, 2016

Sofa 3 places
Base métal finitiongris anthracite; tissu arrière Canvas Army; tissu coussins et assise en Canvas Army
40/82 x 247 x 89,5 cm
Edition Hay

Blou Concept Store

ORGUE, 2015

céramique émaillée, aluminium anodisé, élastique, corde
240 x 660 cm
Edition unique ERB

ERB Sarl


bois de châtaignier, impression 3D PLA
dimensions variables
Edition unique ERB

ERB Sarl