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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Applied Arts, Craftwork and Industrial Design Commission 2016

In 2016, Cnap, through the committee for acquisitions and commissions, procured 116 works created by 44 designers or art collectives, for a budget of €202,131.56.

The high proportion of designers entering the collection for the first time (61%) is a reflection of Cnap’s prospective goal.

The diversity of projects and undertaking of research, with the interests this demonstrates, is a reflection of the wish to house within the collection the multiple facets of contemporary design. The committee paid particular attention to the way in which certain designers are investing in the new aesthetic and economic possibilities offered by digital technology, including 3D printing. The Unfold dual installation, notably with L’artisan électronique (Electronic Artisan) and Aluminium Gradient Chair by Joris Laarman and the vases by Olivier Van Herpt offer different responses to this new context.

Phenomeneon  by Pieke Bergmans, Free Range Table by El Ultimo Grito, and the “Block” collection by Sylvain Willenz pose the question of production in a different way, by diverting or appropriating processes and industrial materials. “Gravity Project” by Jolan van der Wiel demonstrates the emergence of unorthodox machines.

New types of tools and art pieces that are symptomatic of the great technological and social changes at work have entered the collections: on the one hand, a set of cards and printed circuits, with Open Hardware and, on the other, virtual reality headsets and other brain/computer interfaces.

An “Ikea Hacking” collection enhances the exploration of Do-It-Yourself practices.

Pieces by Felipe Ribon and Brynjar Sigurdarson illustrate the way in which functional objects are also proclaimed as workrooms for the imagination and invention, with one of them launching into the world of hypnosis and the other into the world of Icelandic fishermen.

The acquisition of two collections, products marketed through Jasper Morrison’s online shop, on the one hand, and the complete Designer Box series on the other, demonstrate the rapid growth in new methods of promotion, circulation and collection of pieces. In response to them, there are the works of sculpture by Jonathan Muecke, striving to resist the viewer.

Two textile works have also been added to the collection: a type of chaise longue known as a “méridienne”, by Chevalier-Masson, which is inspired by the Oceanic tapa cloth technique, and a Doshi-Levien rug from Nanimarquina , that revisits the Rabari decorative arts vocabulary.

Several proposed exhibits enhance the field of graphic design. First of all, a wide selection of children's books, published by Les Trois Ourses, which, alongside historic pieces such as those by Bruno Munari, allow a significant number of works by contemporary illustrators to enter the collections. The historic value should also be emphasised of the acquisition of a huge set illustrating Jean Widmer’s work, devising pictograms for France’s motorways. Lastly, the Colvert font ( has added to the field of typography, with a project here for a universal font.

The intention is for these works to be sent out on loan to cultural institutions in France and abroad.

Dernière mise à jour le 17 Nov 2017

Collection « Les ensembles », 2014

Acier thermolaqué
18 x 50cm

Don de l’artiste

Minuscule, 2016

Swift, (Les voyages de Gulliver)
Affiche où se lit la totalité du texte du Voyage à Lilliput 

Don de l’artiste

Don't Kill CAC Brétigny Calendrier des Révoltes, Matthieu Saladin, David Lamelas, 2004 - 2014

Ensemble d'affiches

Don des artistes

Kit pédagogique « Série graphique - Connaître et pratiquer le design graphique au collège », 2015

Ensemble de 2 jeux d'affiches  non massicotées et de  2  kits pédagogiques
Chaque kit comprend 5 affiches et un livret réalisés dans le cadre de la manifestation « Graphisme en France 2014 » en coédition avec Canopé
Impression offset

Ce don fait suite à une Commande du Cnap pour laquelle 7500 exemplaires ont été produits.