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Centre national des arts plastiques

Activity Report

2016 Activity Report

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2016 Activity Report


All the projects undertaken in 2016 support the objective of completing a partner Centre national des arts plastiques (National Centre for the Visual Arts), permanently on the lookout and aware of the many and various forms of creation. They show a wide variety of approaches made by the organisation: in France, abroad, in the regions, and according to extremely varied categories of partnership.

One of the major events of the year is the putting online of more than 80,000 works from the over 100,000 works in this unique national collection, enhanced by the contribution made by several large donations. Now for the first time it is possible to fully grasp the diversity and wealth of this collection (purchases and commissions), as well as its much-vaunted eclecticism.

In 2016, the Cnap supported artists and professionals through acquisitions, commissions, support mechanisms and project support programmes. In terms of purchases, it acquired and commissioned 384 works from 203 artists for a budget of 2.37 million euros, works which will be included in the inventory of the Fonds national d’art contemporain (National Contemporary Art Collection). As far as support for artists and professionals is concerned, 246 projects have received support, 134 to individuals and 103 to organisations, for a little over 1 million euros. In addition, the Cnap has played an increasingly large role in supporting projects and artists benefiting from its support programmes.

Through its loan policy, partnerships with the Cnap are multiplying both within France and abroad. Some examples one could mention are the collaboration with the Frac Aquitaine to present 200 photographic works from the public collections of the Seoul Museum of Art and the Ilwoo Foundation, as part of France-Korea Year; the ‘Houselife’ exhibition, produced with the Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design (madd) of Bordeaux, and its 300 design pieces; and the loan of 170 works to the Musée régional d’Art contemporain Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée in Sérignan. All these projects illustrate the way the Cnap worked with its partners in 2016 to co-define and co-produce various initiatives.

The Cnap has continued to strengthen its links with the scientific and academic community in order to stimulate and develop research projects aimed at promoting the collection and making it better known.

The E+K studio - Élise Gay and Kévin Donnot - was chosen by the Cnap to produce this activity report. This time, they designed a visualisation based on data resulting from a unique stance developed over the whole of the document: the typographical form of the figures suggests the graphic form representing their value. Around each number, a concentric line extends whose radius is in exact proportion to the numerical value: the higher this value, the further the line from its initial appearance.

This unusual representation system, conceived with the help of a programme they invented, is based on rigid, homogeneous, mathematical logic. The algorithm generates shapes with multiple levels, sometimes extreme for the highest numbers, whose juxtaposition produces varied compositions mingling convolutions, out-of-range effects and overlays.

Typographical characters: Franz Grotesque and Grotex, designed by Alex Chavot.


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