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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Photography and Video Commission 2016

May 2016

The consultative committee of Centre national des arts plastiques convened on May 25th and 26th 2016. The committee had a budget of €400,000 and proposed 54 works (including five gifts) for acquisition: 36 photographic works (including 11 series, montages or installations) and 18 films, videos and video installations by 29 artists, 23 of whom (80%) enter the Fonds national d'art contemporain, the national collection which is managed by Cnap, for the first time.

Acquisitions have international scope, although there is particular emphasis on inscribing a history of French photography within the collection.

Cnap looks to form representative groups of works according to several complementary focuses so as to cover the many practices in photography and image-making in as wide but also precise a way as possible:

- Meta-photography, or research into old and new photographic ontologies, coinciding with the change in paradigm from film to digital: Isabelle Le Minh, Dove Allouche, Tim Maul.

- Post-photography: new iconographies and archives, or the possibility to work from the infinite supply of images, both artistic and vernacular, produced since the invention of photography and now instantly accessible via internet, thus allowing new appropriationist strategies to emerge: William Oorebeek, Christopher Williams.

- Performance images, or different means of action via the image: Ben Russell.

- Counter-histories, or how to propose the viewing public - within the field of artistic practice, and outside the academic realm and media channels - an alternative understanding of the living conditions that bring them together as a community with a shared history and places: Sammy Baloji, Eric Baudelaire, Philippe Bazin, Manon de Boer, Elise Florenty, Hayoun Kwon, Jean-Marie Straub & Danièle Huillet, Guillaume Robert, Hayoun Kwon, Roe Rosen.

- Images of the world, or how to inhabit the world poetically and politically through a complete alteration of perspectives, a decentering, by drawing on post-colonial studies: Louis Henderson, Karim Kal, Vincent Meessen, Jo Ractliffe.

- Schizo-geographies, or the inscription by the human race of cultural, economic and symbolic signs within the landscape: Eric Tabuchi, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Raphael Siboni & Fabien Giraud.

- Thought images, or how the technological gaze is changing our scopic regimes in both a poetic and cognitive dimension: Hiroshi Sugimoto, François Lagarde, Lili Dujourie, Rossella Biscotti, Tim Maul, Elise Florenty.

These works will be placed on short or long loan to cultural institutions in France and internationally.

Dernière mise à jour le 16 Nov 2017

Manque de preuves

Film d'animation documentaire
Vidéo HD, couleur et noir et blanc, son (version française sous-titrée en anglais)
Édition 4/5 + 2 EA

Simondon du Désert, 2012

Vidéo, couleur, son (version française sous-titrée en anglais)
Édition unique

Galerie AL/MA

Objektiv, after Bernd & Hilla Becher, 2015

Installation photographique de 24 épreuves pigmentaires noir et blanc sur papier fine art
48,3x32,9 cm chacune (189x425 cm dimensions totales)
Édition 1/1 + 1 EA

La ballade de Genesis et Lady Jaye, 2011

Vidéo, couleur, son
Édition à 5 exemplaires

Achat à l'artiste

Lost, 2011

10 épreuves pigmentaires sur papier Hahnemühle sous pochettes transparentes et une édition de 128 pages dans un emboîtage toilé avec étiquette
Photographies : 32,9x48,3 cm chacune et livre 23x31 cm
Édition à 8 exemplaires

Gus V.S./Kodak Paper/81', 1981

6 épreuves pigmentaires encadrées
40x51,5 cm chacune
Édition unique

One.Two.Three, 2015

Installation vidéo HD, 3 canaux image, 3 canaux son stéréo, 3 écrans, parois en chêne avec panneaux accoustiques, tissus, tabourets
Vidéo, couleur, son (version française/kikongo sous-titrée en anglais)
Édition 1/3+1 EA

Achat à l'artiste

Local Heroes BLACKOUT, 2006

8 lithographies sur papier contrecollées sur Dibond
75x56 cm chacune
Pièce unique

Achat à l'artiste

Floor slab, temporary military base, Riemvasmaak, 2012

Épreuves gélatino-argentiques
45x56 cm
Édition 1/5 + 2 EA

Galerie Stevenson

Mess, temporary military base, Riemvasmaak, 2012

Épreuves gélatino-argentiques
45x56 cm
Édition 3/5 + 2 EA

Galerie Stevenson