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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Visual arts acquisitions and commissions 2016 - 2nd session

June 2016

The consultative committee of Centre national des arts plastiques convened in June 2016. The committee had a budget of €452,000 and proposed 43 works (including two gifts) by 30 artists and groups for acquisition. The proposed works are characteristic of the great diversity of artistic practice, with four paintings, four works on paper, six multiples, three videos, two photographs, and particular emphasis on sculpture (fifteen works) and installation (seven works).

Acquisitions have international scope, although special attention is paid to the art scene in France (60% of purchased works), plus additional focus on emerging artists or artists who are not currently in the collection, with 50% new entries.

This young French scene is distinguished by a free interpretation of traditional techniques in weaving (Yann Gerstberger) and ceramic (Lamarche Ovize), and by assemblies of salvaged materials (Sergio Verastegui).

The committee also selected A line, a poetic landscape installation and the first work by Lionel Esteve to enter the collection.

The committee added to existing monographic groups, particularly pictorial works, through the acquisition of recent works by Dominique Figarella and Laurent Proux, and a history painting by Carmello Zagari, on long loan to FRAC Limousin. Three sculptures by Gyan Panchal also join the collection; they explore notions of gesture and the eroding of time.

The collection's holding of audio works was enriched with a group of pieces by Vincent Epplay and Jérôme Poret, together with the full set of recordings by Nicolas Moulin's Grautad label. Lastly, an important installation by Dominique Petitgand, presented on Ile de Vassivière, joins the collection and will be placed on long loan to Centre d'Art et du Paysage in Vassivière.

On the international level, acquisitions included an emblematic work by Rosa Barba which plays on the sculptural qualities of the cinematographic image.

A protocol for a nomadic garden by Austrian artist Lois Weinberger completes an existing group of works which focuses on man's relationship to his environment and an exploration of ecological art.

With regards to the artist as a witness to historical events or research in archaeology and ethnography, the committee selected a work by Mexican artist Marianna Castillo Deball that is a reinterpretation of vernacular techniques, and two assembled sculptures by American artist Abigail Deville, each centred on social and racial issues in modern-day America.

These works will be placed on short or long loan to cultural institutions in France and internationally.

Dernière mise à jour le 16 Nov 2017

Domingo Santo, 2016

Coton, linoleum, colle néoprène, pigments naturels
280 x 240 cm

Sorry we’re Closed

Sans titre (HH16003), 2016

Encre sur papier
160 x 120 cm

Sans titre (HH16005), 2016

Encre sur papier
160 x 120 cm

Sans titre (HH16006), 2016

Encre sur papier
160 x 120 cm

Lolita, 2009

Gouache et acrylique sur bois
34,5 x 13 x 43 cm

Fidel, 2014

Vidéo couleur, son
durée: 9’47
4/6 + 2EA

Photographies sans fin : champ de blé 1, 9 images plus ou moins, 2016

Série de 18 photographies couleur
Tirage Lambda sur papier argentique, aimant
18 x (80 x 120 cm)

Matter of Opinion, 2012

Cadre acier, crystal, grès, verre, système électrique
181 x 180 x 250 cm

To Sarah (Sean Penn & El Chapo), 2016

Technique mixte sur papier
155 x 110 cm

Achat aux artistes

El alcachofa en el sol, 2015

Céramique émaillée et sérigraphiée
145 x 80 x 60 cm

Achat aux artistes