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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Applied Arts, Craftwork and Industrial Design Commission 2015

The College of Decorative Arts, Design and Crafts of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques’s Consultative Commission for Acquisitions and Commissions has renewed its collection in 2015. The commission met for the first time on 15 and 16 December and proceeded to acquire 143 objects for a budget of around 200 000€.

The current French furniture market remains a strong position for acquisitions. The range of Serif television sets designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullet for Samsung, products conceived by Ionna Vautrin for different design brands from Moustache to Lenox, or a lighting collection developed by Flos have all reinforced the various typologies of the collection.

The commission also endeavoured to include in the national collections for the first time designers who had been absent, with particular attention on international and emerging designers. Almost half of the acquisitions were therefore of first-time entries. The British scene, with designers gravitating around Okay Studio (Raw Edges, Tomas Alonso, among others) and also Max Lamb benefited from special attention. The acquisition of pieces by Cheick Diallo and Babacar Niang are witness to the strength of the African scene. Objects from the series Contour and Masse by Laureline Galliot explore new formal possibilities offered by digital tools.

One area of the acquisitions is witness to the reflections and strategies taking place in the field of design around the question of production. Les Ensembles by Jérôme Dumetz continue his work into DIY production. Works by Dominique Mathieu or Mai-Thu Perret interrogate the question of work and circuits in production. Pieces by matali crasset, David Dubois, Régis Mayot and Françoise Quardon appeal to traditional knowhow to experiment formally and sometimes technically, attesting to the dynamic dialogue with artistic crafts.

In the domain of graphic design, a new ensemble of published and preparatory works and posters by Philippe Millot, in the framework of his work for the Association pour la Diffusion de la Pensée Française, complete the collection. The typeface Miniscule by Thomas Huot-Marchand also enrich the corpus of type designs. Works by Detanico & Lain, in the form of specimen posters, give another perspective on typographic work.

The interactive installation by Pozzi and Zimmerman constitutes a first, seminal, acquisition in the new scene of game design. The commission has finally approved a study of a new public commission project, entrusted to Martino Gamper, a project which fills a gap in French public collections.

These works are intended to be loaned short and long-term to institutions in France and abroad.

Dernière mise à jour le 09 Jun 2016

Collection Vases texturés - 2007

Ensemble de 4 vases
Porcelaine blanche

Vase écaillé
20x15 cm de diamètre

Vase gaufré
20x13 cm de diamètre

Vase tissé
26x14 cm de diamètre

Vase capitonné
19x19 cm de diamètre

Achat à Industreal - Milan (Italie) 

Panier percé, 2005

Porcelaine et kit de broderie en 2 exemplaires
12x17 cm de diamètre
Édition Industreal


Achat à Industreal – Milan (Italie)

Collection Mezzo, 2013-2014


- Poste de radio
16x13,8x5 cm

- Réveil
7x5,6x9 cm

- Lampe de poche
10x7,5x2,8 cm


Reed, 2014
Stylo  encre gel stylet
Laiton/gomme, recharge universelle
13,8x1,15 de diamètre
Édition Lexon

Achat à Lexon


Le bestiaire, 2015

Collection de 14 déguisements d’enfants réalisés par 14 designers pour une exposition dans le cadre de la biennale de Saint-Etienne.

Carton Kraft sérigraphié

70x100 cm chaque

Design  Les Graphiquants, Perrine Vigneron & Gilles Belley, Malika Favre, Joachim Jirou-Najou
Twice, Helkarava, Anne Lutz, Felipe Ribon, Studio Brichet Ziegler, Amélie Fontaine, Leslie David
Bonnefrite, Louise de Saint Angel, Amélie Doistau et Tomoë Sugiura

Commissariat et scénographie Ionna Vautrin.

Production Cité du design

Édition à 20 exemplaires


Achat à la Cité du Design de Saint-Étienne

Zeppelin, 2005

Suspension à lumière diffuse

Structure interne en acier recouvert d’une peinture poudre blanche, diffuseur en résine cocoon pulvérisée revêtue d’une protection transparente appliquée par jet, bougies en PMMA transparent, sphère en cristal à facettes

135x180 cm de diamètre

Édition Flos


Achat Flos France