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Centre national des arts plastiques

Activity Report

2014 Activity report

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2014 Activity Report


The 2014 Activity Report of the Centre national des arts plastiques (the Cnap : the National Centre for the Visual Arts) demonstrates the diversity and richness of the activities the centre undertakes in the area of contemporary art.

Always listening to the needs of the professionals and well aware of transformations taking place in the sector, The Cnap is constantly developing its support mechanisms. This can be seen in the setting up of a means of helping galleries to participate in a fair abroad and in continuing experimentation with the mechanism for a repayable advance for the production of original works in 2014. It also encouraged debate and links between professionals, by developing a programme of conferences, discussions and meetings around the projects supported. In addition, it was the origin of the “Graphic Design in France 2014” event which brought together and presented all the players on the French graphic design scene, displaying their creativity, diversity and vitality.

In parallel with its missions of promotion and support, the Cnap enriches, conserves and disseminates the Fonds national d’art contemporain (the French contemporary art collection), a leading public collection made up of over 95,000 works, purchased by the State over the past 220 years. In 2014, it acquired 271 works for a total of 1.5 million euros, constantly focussing on the creation of young artists.
The Cnap manages a collection with no walls and circulates the works via short- and long-term loans and stocks in France and abroad. With a view to stimulating new requests and highlighting the collection, it also sets up original partnerships throughout the country, with all kinds of institutions. The year 2014 was notable for “La Permanence”, in partnership with the Museum of Dance and other partners in Rennes, and for the exhibition “Des choses en moins, des choses en plus (Something less, something more)” at the Palais de Tokyo. The focus was on procedural works, related to the issues of performance and dance. Other exhibitions were held in the country, such as the one at the FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Collection) in Franche-Comté from a set of sound works or the one at the FRAC in Picardy.

Each project also involves research and documentation on the works of the collection. In terms of conservation and knowledge of the collection, a vast programme of digitisation, together with the development of its relationship with the world of research were the priorities set for future years to enhance appreciation of the collection.

Graphic design was entrusted to Clément Le Tulle-Neyret. He chose to present this 2014 Activity Report in the manner of a book. In this sense, he respected a linear principle, characteristic of the art of narration. The visuals of data are based on the full stop, a fundamental element in the weft of the printed image, and which is also found in the centre of the Cnap logo. The format and graphic treatment (flyleaf, half-title, soft cover, optimal text column width, serif font, etc.) recall the book as an object. Yoann Minet fonts were used: Traulha and Stratos.
For the digital version, Clément Le Tulle-Neyret sought to play with the form of a PDF export for the printing. He therefore made the cut lines and technical information visible.

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