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It’s a lovely day, I’m going out

An offering from four students of the École nationale supérieure de la photographie based on works in the Centre national des arts plastiques

Galerie ARENA, Arles
july 06 • september 21 2015
  • Lynne Cohen, Corporate Office, 1977
    Tirage de 1988
    Épreuve gélatino-argentique
    110 x 128 cm
    Œuvre du Centre national des arts plastiques
    FNAC 88292
    © Lynne Cohen/CNAP

  • Peter Hutchinson, My Favorite Things, 1992
    Collage photographique, pastel gras et texte
    102 x 121,7 cm
    Œuvre du Centre national des arts plastiques
    FNAC 99058

  • Paola Pivi,
    Camion vertical, 1997
    Tirage de 2001
    Épreuve couleur contrecollée sur aluminium
    182 x 112 cm
    Œuvre du Centre national des arts plastiques
    FNAC 01-668
    © Paola Pivi/CNAP

For this second partnership between the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap: National Centre of Visual Arts) and the École nationale supérieure de la photographie (ENSP) (National Photography Institute), four second-year students (Alfredo Coloma, Apolline Lamoril, Agathe Mouchès and Pauline Wallerich) have designed an exhibition based on the photography collection of the Cnap.

It’s a lovely day, I’m going out: a reflex action. A response to the call from outside. Except that here, things start to go out of control. A gap opens up and the image is no longer self-evident.

A lorry that had overturned swings back upright, the promise of a famous name is left frustrated, a print is riddled with holes: a certain immediate satisfaction is denied. Reality is mangled and twisted.  The image alone is not enough, we must look behind it, or further afield. Here we are playing the game of face value, of enthusiastic support for the world, of a zeal that is almost manic. There, we keep our distance and return to a cold clinical gaze.

Irreverence, deliberate clumsiness, spitefulness, a childish pleasure in evasion: from one image to the next, a certain habitual way of looking is what is called into question and found wanting. Photography is no longer an aim in its own right; it is no longer that transparent and objective capture of reality that puts you into direct contact with the world. It becomes a material, only making sense within a larger package, coupled with other pieces of evidence. It is a work, within the field of art: that of paradox and ambiguity. Listening to the possibilities of the quiet moments, the background noises, the fine lines, the margins.

The curators have chosen to show images of artists whose practice is rarely limited to photography alone, but who work through multiple artistic platforms, for varied purposes.  By putting this accent on a relationship with the image that is wilfully instrumental, sometimes provocative, this collection forces you to step to one side. By bringing together these works between the same walls, we release both the intensity of each one and the echoes between them, fields of energy. New differences in potential are established.

Artists exhibited: Lynne Cohen, John Hilliard, Douglas Huebler, Peter Hutchinson, Édouard Levé, Walter Pfeiffer, Paola Pivi, Pierre Reimer, Haim Steinbach, Taroop & Glabel, Shoji Ueda, Erwin Wurm.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the artist Pierre Reimer and his book Il fait beau, je sors, published in 1998, by Firmin-Didot.

Exhibition curators: Alfredo Coloma, Apolline Lamoril, Agathe Mouches and Pauline Wallerich, students at ENSP.

Educational framework: Pascal Beausse, Head of photographic collections at the Cnap and Paul Pouvreau, lecturer at ENSP.

This exhibition is accompanied by a publication in French and English available free. Resident art experts will be available to visitors throughout the exhibition.

Dernière mise à jour le 23 Sep 2015
Galerie ARENA
16 rue des Arènes
13200 Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône (13)
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