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Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Applied Arts, Craftwork and Industrial Design Commission 2014 - 2nd session

The commission acquired 85 works by 17 designers in the sector of decorative arts, crafts and industrial design, for a total budget of €150,000.

The acquisitions reflect the diverse forms creativity takes in design, emblematic of the commission’s attention to emerging practices. The Swiss collective ACE’s designed objects, or yet again Constance Guisset’s suspended creations are illustrative of contemporary work in furniture design. The SANKS collective has taken a different, humorous look at domestic rituals with Tables Pieces. The creative work of Jenny Sabin and Aleksandrina Rizova, together with Nodesign’s Dia, all explore the new options digital technology offers. The environmental concerns of our time are apparent both in the innovative CO2 detector prototype developed by Pierre Charrié and in Studio Formafantasma’s ambivalent work. The Urban Hacking protocols and videos by Florian Rivière show how design can be reinvented by (mis)appropriating objects and the urban space. The greater majority of these designers are seeing their work become part of the public collections for the first time.

The place that graphic design holds has been reinforced with acquisition of two groupings, where posters, books and communication materials come with the original working documents to illustrate the creative process. One highlights the collaborative relationship between Jérôme Saint Loubert Bié and contemporary artists. The other lays out SuperScript² work in connection with various commissions.

The purchase of two of Gaetano Pesce’s desks designed for the TBWA agency complete a grouping of which the foundations were laid with the previous commission. The acquisition of lamp design by Martine Bedin in 1981 manifests the commission’s desire to see this historic piece become part of the French State heritage.

These artworks are to be on permanent or short-term loan to cultural institutions in France or abroad.

Dernière mise à jour le 09 Jun 2016

Composition for precision, 2014

Collection Table Pieces
Plateau pour prodiguer des soins
Nylon, marbre italien, wenge, assiette de chimie, pince à épiler
18,5x35x20 cm

Achat à Srudio François Dumas (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)