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Centre national des arts plastiques

Activity Report

2013 Activity report

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Activity report 2013


With an eye and an ear trained on artistic and professional milieu, the CNAP continued to pursue its official missions in 2013, all while developing them to take the new challenges of the contemporary art scene into account.

Chevalvert has been entrusted with the activity report’s graphic design. The studio has developed a fresh, new graphic design with each aspect of the content – be it text, visual or data - handled with a different typology in the overall proposed layout. The cover is a fold-out poster that brings all iconography together, making it possible to take in what the CNAP does by imagery. Inside, the contents have been arranged along a timeline: the text extends as a single continuous band. Finally, the double pages of data create breaks in the text. Designed as realms to be delved into, they hold many ways of representing information: diagrams, mappings, tables. The vocabulary of geometric shapes ensures readability. Graphik typeface was selected to be used for the entire volume.


The CNAP has renewed its mission of providing support to contemporary art’s creators, professionals and economic players. It has experimented with different approaches, such as new support as a reimbursable advance to galleries to produce an artwork, carried out in tandem with the Comité professionnel des galleries d’art.

Moreover, the CNAP has organised a remarkable new encounter between those driving the project, commission members and supported artists, to discuss CNAP challenges and support.

In terms of collections development, the institution acquired 205 artworks at a total cost of €1,450,000; priority was given to strong support for young artists. This took place following reflection and analysis of purchase policy; commission members, CNAP collection managers and French Ministry of Culture experts all participated in these encounters taking place prior to the commissions themselves. Over 60% of the artists had works purchased for the first time for the national contemporary art collection, a State collection managed by the CNAP.

It has pursued its mission of extending the influence and circulating the artworks, especially through short- and long-term loans. In this way close to 2 000 artworks have been circulated in connection with exhibitions or as loans. 
As the CNAP has been doing for a decade or more in giving priority to this mission in connection with institutions of all kinds, the exhibition “Des images comme des oiseaux (Images Like Birds)” held at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, or “L’œil photographique (The Photographic Eye)” held at the Frac Auvergne, based on a large CNAP archive of works at the Frac, are proof of this intention to find new ways and develop a network of regional partnerships.

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