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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Photography and Video Commission 2014

The advisory commission of the Centre national des arts plastiques responsible for photography and video acquisitions met on 17 and 18 September 2014. The committee had a budget of €420,000 and acquired 64 artworks from 29 artists, including 19 who appear in the collection for the first time. As there was an even split between photography and videography, dialogues between these two types of complementary representation were favoured.
The commission was especially attentive to the innovative new ways of writing reality that image media offers today. Envisioning a wide spectrum of the most contemporary creative work, it selected strong works that expressed the dynamic energy of the French and international artistic scene.
With art ranging from reinvention of shapes and documentary strategies to fictionalisation and work with staging, from inquiry into social realities to autobiographical narration, from conceptual protocol to document poetics, and going as far as meta-photography and exploration of the artistic and visual consequences of the new technological paradigms, the rich diversity of today’s visual arts is apparent in the works here brought together through the commission’s decisive choices.
Individual and collective stories come into being in very precise geographical and historical venues at the outer limits of our world; the artworks acquired during the session affirm that artistic work is able to propose a critical realism combining poetry and politics.
These artworks are meant to be placed on short- and long-term loan in French and foreign cultural institutions; choices have been made to respond to their needs, to make it possible for the larger public to have access to the most ambitious artworks of our time.

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