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Série Graphique : Connaître et pratiquer le design graphique au collège

Getting Graphic: Secondary School Graphic Design Knowledge and Use

june 03 2015

In connection with the “Graphisme en France 2014” event, the Centre national des arts plastiques (the CNAP, or the French National Centre for Visual Arts) and the CANOPÉ - Académie de Versailles network sought to create a graphic design teacher resource kit called Série Graphique : Connaître et pratiquer le design graphique au collège.

Developed by teaching professionals together with graphic designers, this teaching resource kit helps teachers bring their pupils to discover the influence of graphic design on our visual environment, making students aware of typography, layout and the semantic interrelations between words and images.

Série graphique,
the graphic design of which was entrusted to Fanette Mellier, includes material guiding pupils to hands-on knowledge about especially the development of graphic design and the problematics of the increasing number of signs. The goal is to encourage teachers to introduce their students to graphic design by having them integrate their new graphic design expertise into the work they submit - documents, files, presentations or Power Points - which secondary school pupils are often asked for.

Série graphique consists of a teacher’s booklet, comprised of numerous historical, scientific and technical resources as well as ideas for teachers to develop during class time; there are also five large posters to present to students.

Five major themes are presented in the booklet and posters:

- Typography: leading the pupil to justify his choice of typographical characters;

- Visualisation of data: leading the pupil to choose ways of visualising data, adapted to the subjects he wants to deal with;

- Colour: understanding how colours function, choosing colours adapted to what he is trying to say, argumentation for his choices;

- Image: bringing the pupil to discover image multiplicity (photographs, illustrations, sketches, etc.);

- Layout: guiding the pupil to design his layouts, argumentation for his choices.

Série graphique Study and Project Group:

- Éric Dubois, DSAA Design Coordinator, Graphic Design Culture and Communication specialisation, École Boulle; liaison teacher at the Musée des Arts et Métiers.

- Brigitte Flamand, French National Education General Inspector, Industrial Sciences and Techniques Group and Applied Arts Group.

- Pauline Gourlet, graphic artist. Graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

- Candice Hayat, illustrator and visual artist. Illustration specialisation from École Estienne (Paris) and visual communications training at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs La Cambre (Brussels).

- Florence Jamet-Pinkiewicz, BTS Design Coordinator, Graphic Design - Digital Media option, École Estienne (Paris).

- Raphaël Lefeuvre-Professeur, DSAA Typographical Design Coordinator, École Estienne; head of graphic design preparatory training for competitive entry examinations for the French grandes écoles, École Nationale des Arts Appliqués Duperré.

- Aurélie Lesous, head of cultural mediation at the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

- Véronique Marrier, Graphic Design Project Manager, Centre Nationales Arts Plastiques.

- Fanette Mellier, graphic artist.

CANOPÉ - Académie de Versailles

- Pierre Danckers, Editorial Manager (ideas for development in class).

- Aurélie Chauvet, Project Manager.

- Marie Persiaux, Project Manager.

Getting Graphic Editorial Team

- Jérémy Boy, InfoVis Designer, doctoral student, INRIA, Telecom ParisTech, EnsadLab.

- Peggy Foulon, history and geography professor.

- Loïc Legall, graphic artist and calligraphy and typography professor.

- Boris Maloberti, technology professor.

- Caroll Maréchal, art critic and freelance graphic artist.

- Eric Vigo, visual arts professor.

Dernière mise à jour le 22 Jul 2015