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The Graphic Design Workshops : “Graphic Design: City and Architecture”

october 15 2014

The Centre national des arts plastiques (the CNAP, or the French National Centre for Visual Arts) is co-producing two Graphic Design Workshops to encourage encounters and exchanges among graphic designers, those commissioning their work (institutional or private business communication managers) and professionals who are led to collaborate on graphic design projects, such as architects, urban designers, semiologists, sociologists, etc.

They are taking place over the course of one day, beginning with presentation of three collaborations between a graphic designer and the person commissioning his work. The participants are then invited to take part in several themed roundtables; summaries will be written of the various subjects dealt with throughout the day.

In 2014, two Graphic Design Workshops are planned. The Campus Fonderie de l’Image in Bagnolet, home to the first Graphic Design Workshop on 13 May 2014 ; and at Arc en Rêve - Centre d'Architecture in Bordeaux on 15 october 2014.

On 13 May 2014, Graphic Design Workshop: “Visual Identity: Challenges”, Bagnolet.
This Graphic Design Workshop deals with the challenges raised in connection with a visual identity, logos and their applications. This event is reserved for professionals; by prior reservation. Co-organised by the Campus Fonderie de l’Image and the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

A general summary is available for download at the website

Campus Fonderie de l’Image
80, rue Jules-Ferry
93170 Bagnolet

On 15 October 2014, Graphic Design Workshop: “Graphic Design: City and Architecture”, Bordeaux.
This Graphic Design Workshop is an approach to the issues related to signs being written into the urban space and architecture. Co-organised by Arc en Rêve – Centre d’Architecture, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, the Ecole d'Art de Pau and the Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

Arc en Rêve - Centre d’Architecture
7, rue Ferrère
33000 Bordeaux

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