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There is no finished world

Works from the Centre National des Arts Plastiques

Galerie ARENA, Arles
july 07 • september 21 2014
  • Per BARCLAY,Sans titre (PB98 02), 1998. Photographie noir et blanc. Tirage sur papier baryté.
    140 x 109,6 cm. Visuel fourni par la galerie © Per Barclay / CNAP

  • Robert ADAMS,
    La Loma Hills, California, 1984
    Achat en 1989
    FNAC 89594
    Centre national des arts plastiques
    © D.R. / CNAP

  • Roger BALLEN,
    Children's Bedroom Wall, 2000
    Achat en 2003
    FNAC 03-549
    Centre national des arts plastiques
    © D.R. / CNAP

This exhibition inaugurates the second edition of a particularly productive three-year partnership between the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) and the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP).

This collaboration offers four students the opportunity of devising an exhibition around the CNAP's photographic collections. Numa Benyayer, Coline Nageli, Émilie Saubestre and Charlotte Vanbleus – second-year students at the ENSP – wish to share with spectators the experience of their encounter with works in which corporeality is omnipresent.

A dialogue is thus created between Dennis Adams, Robert Adams, Roger Ballen, Per Barclay, Katinka Bock, Don Brown, Alexandre Delay, Patrick Everaert, Thierry Fontaine, Ben Hansen, Jurgen Klauke and Annika von Hausswolff.

Il n’y a pas de monde achevé  (there is no finished world) is the title of a 1942 painting by André Masson. How does one show the extraordinary range of possibilities that collect in the hollows of things, whose meaning is always complex and shifting? Establishing connections between a group of artworks means freeing one's imagination, knowing how to break loose from references and landmarks, letting one's emotions and reminiscences spring to life so as to map out a personal space and let it be perceived.

Genuine visual poems, the selected photographs offer to our gaze bodies staged, fragmented, suggested. Bodies which, through their different representations, transform, until they meld with the objects surrounding them. Bodies that also wander through the space, materialise it, designing it as a place. The pleasure of progression, the possibility of turning back, of taking short cuts and the need to stop all participate in a mental construction of which each spectator is the choreographer.

This selection of works is just like the CNAP collection, which records in real time contemporary photographic creation in the French and international art scene. Its noticeable eclecticism reflects the subjective choices of the curators, but also the diversity of practices related to this medium essential to the history of contemporary art.

This exhibition is accompanied by a free, bilingual publication, which is jointly produced by the CNAP and the ENSP. It allows the public to discover the different stages of the research and curatorial work carried out by the students, from the first visit to the CNAP's collections to the hanging of the works.

Liaison staff will accompany visitors throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition curators: Numa Benyayer, Coline Nageli, Émilie Saubestre, Charlotte Vanbleus, ENSP students. Educational supervision: Pascal Beausse, head of the CNAP photographic collections, and Christian Milovanoff, photographer and teacher at the ENSP.

Exhibition co-produced by the Centre National des Arts Plastique and the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d'Arles.

Dernière mise à jour le 01 Oct 2014
Galerie ARENA
16 rue des Arènes
13200 Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône (13)
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