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"Graphisme en France 2014" : Visual Identity

It was Building Paris (Benoît Santiard and Guillaume Grall) which was entrusted with the "Graphisme en France 2014" visual identity. Their proposal responds to the Centre national des arts plastiques's (the CNAP, or the French National Centre for Visual Arts) request to create an identity to assemble and unite while demonstrating the multiplicity and diversity of graphic design practices and distribution venues and structures. The concept Building Paris has developed is based on the idea of a graphic sign to symbolise the territory of French graphic design; it is also based on using 15 unpublished or limited-distribution typographies, designed by 15 young graphic artists and character designers. This principle shows that, as from conception of the visual identity, other players in the realm of graphic design are already involved; the project is therefore opened up to other voices and granted a range of sensibilities and an enlarged vocabulary. The various typographical characters, real tools to modulate the identity to match needs and media, can illustrate very diverse approaches. They are used in a polyphonic and evolving manner for each new media. The identity is therefore revealed gradually as objects are published: calendar, website, communication documents, signage, programmes, etc. Construction of the visual identity also led Building Paris to create a graphic sign, "GF", modelled on the old automobile nationality plates. It recalls the geographical territory that is graphic design in France in 2014:  that of the entire graphic design scene, that of the expression of dozens of events in every format which, for an  entire year, offers a field for expression to creators and for the most inventive of ideas. It also identifies the community which must be recognised at its true worth and for which, throughout France, numerous structures and project promoters have multiplied initiatives, including "Graphisme en France 2014" which wishes to be its representative and most active supporter.

Building Paris was created in 2012 by Benoît Santiard and Guillaume Grall, graphic designers who graduated from the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Appliques et des Métiers d'Arts Olivier de Serres, respectively in 2003 and in 2004. They have taught communication since 2008, at the Ecole d'Architecture de la Ville & des Territoires in Marne-la-Vallée.


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