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"Graphisme en France 2014"

An entire year devoted to graphic design in France

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january 01 • december 31 2014

In 2014, for the 20th anniversary of the journal Graphisme en France, the Centre national des arts plastiques (the CNAP, or the French National Centre for Visual Arts) is coordinating and introducing "Graphisme en France 2014", a major event which seeks to draw together and unite all initiatives highlighting graphic design in France, over the course of an entire year.

This initiative seeks to increase this creative community's visibility, to show its diversity, inventiveness and vitality, to compare initiatives and develop publics, to offer orientations for work to improve professional practices and increase understanding of what graphic design is about. To do so, numerous initiatives and events are to be held across France throughout 2014; the CNAP has published a calendar presenting the entire year's graphic design events. With 30,000 copies published and widely distributed, it draws what is truly a map of French graphic design and illustrates how very many events there are and their wide distribution across the French territory.

An exhibition displayed in glass cases at the French Ministry for Culture and Communication (Palais Royal) presented CNAP-led initiatives in graphic design, assembling a selection of objects from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs collections.  This permitted promotion of four major French events which every year celebrate graphic design: the Chaumont International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Haute-Marne; the Échirolles Graphic Design Month in Isère; the Le Havre Graphic Season in Seine-Maritime; and Les Rencontres Internationales de Lure in the Haute-Provence Alps.

The CNAP designed a website ( for the occasion, a platform to truly inform and disseminate as it reflects the vitality of all the events taking place in France.

Its newsletter allows the widest possible public to be kept regularly informed about news and updates.

"Graphisme en France 2014" is therefore not one but many events, with numerous participants all choosing to participate at the CNAP's invitation. This public institution, whose support of graphic design has for long been among its major objectives, is especially attentive to the difficulties professionals face. This event is therefore an occasion for the CNAP to produce or co-produce several projects to help develop varied orientations to showcase graphic design:
- Assisting with the commissioning of graphic design, for better understanding of the interest of working with graphic artists and the impact of their work, in publishing a Graphic Design Order Guide created together with the Alliance Française des Designers; but it also offers training for those commissioning graphic artwork, in partnership with the CIPAC, Fédération des Professionals de l'Art Contemporain; the CNAP also organises Graphic Design Shows to promote and develop professional discussion among graphic artists, those commissioning work and their various partners.

- Teaching-tool designing, working with the French Ministry for National Education, graphic artists, character designers, teaching specialists and teachers, on issues linked to graphic design to make current art education tools available to teachers.

- Promoting recognition of the professions involving typography and character creation and design, in offering public commissions of typographical work, available at no cost to the general public and providing documentation for better understanding of the creative context and process.

- Co-producing an international colloquium, "Graphic Design: History in the Writing" to encourage international exchange and research on problems rarely or never dealt with in France, with the Université Paris 8, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) and the Pompidou Centre.

- Co-producing the first biennial devoted to graphic design, with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Lyon, "Exemplaires, Formes et Pratiques de l'Edition" to encourage reflection and partnerships between art schools on graphic design's major problematics.

- Publishing a Graphisme en France special issue for the journal's 20th anniversary, to take stock and update prior issues' major themes: signage, publication, digital technology, archives and collections, etc.

These initiatives complete those offered by those presenting and contributing to showcasing the creativity of the French graphic design scene. Rich with numerous professionals, graphic artists, character designers, interactive designers and poster designers, whose creations fill the visual landscape around us, this scene has frequent recognition of its exemplary quality and inventiveness. Its expansion is also due to the work art schools have developed in recent years,  consolidating training and research to become true venues for creative work and experimentation.

From emblematic posters by Cassandre and Savignac, to ones by Bazooka, Roman Cieslewiscz and Grapus; from Roger Excoffen typographies to those by Jean-François Porchez and Jean-Baptiste Levée; from creations by Etienne Robial, Pierre di Sciullo, Philippe Apeloig, Laurent Fétis and Frédéric Teschner, including Etienne Mineur's interactive slides, to the M/M (Paris) clip for Björk or the Oscar-winning H5 Logorama film, French graphic design is internationally recognised and continues to write its own history, reinventing itself in the fields of publishing, music, communication and digital technology. "Graphisme en France 2014" seeks to once again affirm its richness and density, and the quality of its programming truly proves it.

Véronique Marrier and Marc Sanchez
Curators, "Graphisme en France 2014"
Centre national des arts plastiques


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