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Centre national des arts plastiques

Latest acquisitions

Latest acquisitions

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Visual Arts Commission 2013 - 1st session

The Centre national des arts plastiques’s Consultative Commission responsible for the acquisition of works of art (painting, sculpture, graphic arts) met on 25 & 26 June 2013. With a budget of €480,000, the committee has acquired 48 works.
For this commission, described as “open” to all unsolicited proposals by artists and galleries, the committee wished to focus on up-and-coming creative talents. Thus, 18 of the 30 selected artists are entering the collections, mainly from the young generation – Emilie Ding, Latifa Echakhch, Adrien Missika, Christian Hidaka, Christophe Lemaitre, and Sophie Nys –, as well as several who are already established internationally – Maria Eichhorn, Bernardo Ortiz et Loïs Weinberger.
This selection reflects the variety of practices in the field of visual arts: a video by Aurélien Froment, several installations by Camille Henrot, Julien Previeux and Zbynek Baladran, a sculpture by Nathalie Elemento, a painting by Jacques Charlier. The graphic arts collection has also grown with the addition of six artist’s books by: Dora Garcia, Camille Henrot and Benoît Maire, published by Rosascape; Leigh Ledare and Allan McCollum; published by Michèle Didier; and Thomas Hirschhorn, published by Three Star Books.
In addition, the commission has acquired a set of works from Jean-Pascal Flavien’s “Nighthouse at Daytime” series, which will be placed on long-term loan in the Musée de Valence and shown when it reopens in late 2013. The long-term loan of Lucy Skaer’s installation “Rachel, Peter, Caitlin, John” will complete the collection of the Abattoirs de Toulouse, and Hans Schabus’s “Atelier” has already been requested by the IAC in Villeurbanne.
These acquisitions are part of a policy that encourages the young French scene. These works are due to be placed on short-term and long-term loan in institutions in France and abroad.

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