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Centre national des arts plastiques

Print and Digital Publishing Grants

Print and Digital Publishing Grants

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Print Publishing Grant Conditions

The Centre national des arts plastiques’s print publishing funding programme endeavours to increase public awareness of the French art scene in France and abroad. It is aimed at publishing houses and non-commercial professional organisations who support contemporary artistic creation and who can ensure and guarantee the publishing and the distribution of French-language publications in France in optimal conditions. Print publishing grants are applicable to monographic or anthological works on contemporary art, thematic works, theoretical works, writings by living artists, books designed by artists, catalogues, contemporary art and art criticism journals for the first issue or a special issue.

Applications are processed by the Artistic support service of the Cnap, and then reviewed by the members of the Print and digital Publishing Grant Commission. Consisting of ex-officio members, professionals in the fields of contemporary art and books, and members of public institutions, it meets twice a year. After reviewing the applications and deliberating, the Commission issues an opinion on each project. For the applications that have received a positive opinion, it proposes the allocation of financial support to the Director of the Cnap. The Commission may also move the adjournment or inadmissibility of an application. The Director of the Cnap decides on the implementation of these proposals and sets the amount of the allocated grant.

Funding is applicable to publications in the following areas: painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, engraving, photography, installation art, performance art, sound creation, video, new media, graphic design, design, decorative arts. The Centre national du livre also awards publishing grants for art books not related to the contemporary period or living artists. The grants of the Centre national du livre and the Centre national des arts plastiques may not be combined for a single project, except in the case of a translated book, for which the Centre national du livre may grant a translation subsidy.

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Applications must be sent or submitted directly to the Creation Department

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